Steve Ryckier brings his tribute to Elvis Presley.

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On the 16th of may, coming in the Centre to Elvis In the Studio, a place where Michel Van den Brande, his shoulders set. The man there is a good reason for that: he has a lot of respect for what Steve Ryckier, the songs of Elvis Presley, will. You know, Steve is not? Then, he says, you will definitely be given a chance. Do you know about it? Then you know that he’s a top, and that he will be on the 16th of may, pending further evidence.

‘Elvis at the symphony 85’ on the occasion of the 85th birthday of the king of rock ‘n’ roll, ” we present to you, on may 16, 2020, in the VIRTUAL Hall in the Centre is a great tribute to the man that the world had to become acquainted with the music and style of Elvis Presley. The location of the legendary Elvis presley concerts that will come back to life. A massive cast is on the stage with about 30 other musicians, back up singers, and a very strong vocal performance by Elvis tribute artist Steve Ryckier’. The concert consists of a mix of songs for over 3 decades. 50’s Rock-and-Roll show, it’s 68 Comeback Special, and the 70’s Las Vegas shows. A trio of songs with different moods to be presented on a large stage with state of the art technologies in terms of lighting, sound and led wall.

In the show, down to the smallest details, is completed. The band, consisting of drummer (Bert Vandamme) and guitarist (Sean Pithie), bass (Tom Van Loon) , the pianist (Peter Goossens), will be further enhanced to be stubborn, string ensemble, drummer, 3 backing vocalists and 8 brass and woodwind. All of this, oh.l.d. the conductor, Frank Race. Concert: Elvis in 3 different styles. Rock ‘n’ roll songs such as “Shake, rattle and roll’, ‘Hound dog’, ‘All shook up’, ‘Mystery train’, etc., to be followed by a best of the best from the ’68 Special. “If I can dream’, ‘jailhouse rock’, ‘Heartbreak hotel, ‘Love me tender’ and many, many others… And, of course, the legendary “Vegas, 70’s years, with songs such as: “You gave me a mountain’, ‘The wonder of you’, ‘In the ghetto’, ‘What now my love’ and many more gems from this amazing period of time. Steve’s preference of songs can vary from concert to concert. The musicians need to constantly be on their guard. Steve is a guy who would like to work on improvisation, and on the contributions of the public. A show that should be live and not a machine. Therefore, it is not working with click-tracks, or programmed, music, computers, sequencers, or anything else. What you hear is 100% LIVE. It’s Elvis at the symphony ” is just as unique. A live feeling to it, with a lot of emotion, and especially the re-enactment of the wonderful Elvis Presley, brought to you by Steve Ryckier.