Limited edition vinyl and from Andre Hazes to buy

d463887334c65adc3ab49f846f754d27 - Limited edition vinyl and from Andre Hazes to buy

30 it is timeless, in the Cockpit, hits, including, of course, “The Aviator”, “A little Bit of Love”, “Little Boy” and “I Believe “T” as well as songs after his death his popularity has increased o.a. in the movie, the musical, and several tv shows, such as “I don’t see Handles On the Wall,” “A Friend”, “The Last Lap”, “I’m Living My Own Life,” as well as “Red Light”. All of the 8 tracks on side 4, one of his biggest hit, “Stay with Me”, a duet with Gerard Joling, with the September anthem “She Believes in Me” and the live version of “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” have never been to LP, to be released.

Each of the 30 songs in September have been specially mastered for LP. This exclusive double LP also includes, in addition to a personal story by John Van de Ven, a 4-page booklet containing a series of individual pictures. Available as a limited numbered edition of 1500 copies on white vinyl.