‘Guizenjahen’ on the coast

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With its 67km of coastline is part of the belgian Coast is a paradise for tourists, but it is also a home for many of us. On Monday the 24th of February.e.m. on Thursday the 27th of February, go Huizenjagers, Olivier, Kevin, and Eve, to the coast for a four-droompanden to the sea.

Those who have been in the huizenjagers?
For a sale to start with yourself and then with a building. That’s the motto of the. He rolled over in to the world of real estate, thanks to his father who gave him all of the tricks of the trade learned.
Anyway, he’s the second huizenjager this week. He is always on the lookout for the story of the house that he is selling. Since 2009, he is in the real Estate the Beach, and in 2015 he took over the helm from previous director about it.
Huizenjager Eva was used to celebrity air hostess, is now the face of her own immozaak real Estate Vanhoye. She works from home, so work life and personal life, as well as the reader.

Episode 1 is on Monday, February 24,
The house of the Loan, and The start is too small to be used. They may be composed of a family of four children, and have a great need for more space and privacy. A minimum of four bedrooms and two bathrooms are a must. They are also available in the garden, but be aware that in their new home, they want to, no view of the neighbors. Budget: 420.000€.