Erika Van Tielen, with a new look in your Family

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A few weeks ago and picked up Amélie’s Drawing of her stuff with each other in the Family. Erika Van Tielen, who has spent several years in the role of Amelié is playing, said Sunday night on it that they are in a new week in the new episode will show up. “And that’s going to be a serious bomb. I don’t have a lot of fine things, which I have to admit,” says Erika. Amélie is back and even more. “I’m not quite in the same shape. I’m going to be completely different, and I’m going to be completely different things,” adds Erika Van Tielen in the video to continue. The look of Amélie, it is, indeed, changed, even to the point of His no longer coloured, but also have shorter hair and a similar outfit, there is something else that has happened.

“The week-end so I returned it, but during my time in the disappearance, there is still a lot of things happened. This week there is more bad news for Alfonso, very, very, very sad news,” says Erika Van Tielen. In the movie, you can watch it on .