Comments after the defeat to Ajax amsterdam for Heracles Almelo in the on (closed)

0320c62234841813eb3ebe2acf7dcdfd - Comments after the defeat to Ajax amsterdam for Heracles Almelo in the on (closed)

Comments after the defeat to Ajax amsterdam for Heracles Almelo in the on (closed)

February 23, 2020 at 12:06
23-02-20 12:06 am
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Good afternoon and welcome to our liveblog on this Premier league-on Sunday! In this liveblog, you can read this afternoon about the developments in the four games.

  • Results:
  • Utrecht-Twente 2-1
  • Vitesse-PSV 1-2
  • E-THE 2-0
  • Heracles-Ajax Amsterdam 1-0

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · * * * a few hours ago

While the players of Ajax, lament for the fall, to celebrate with the players of Heracles Almelo festive. With the matchwinner Cyriel Dessers as feestvarken at the forefront.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 3 hours ago

Babylon: “Is not what I can see, and aw, snap!”
“It was pretty quiet. The sadness prevails greatly. We’re going to be there tomorrow to talk to you about,” are the first words of Ryan Babel on FOX Sports. “It wasn’t easy. Although we do not have to be nice, and played with, we had some opportunities. Unfortunately, we don’t,” said the striker, who acknowledges that he / she is still not in the shape it is. “It’s not what I can see, though. I have all the confidence that it will come back. I have to force myself to adapt to a position in which I am placed. I can be in any position to play, but it’s a little bit different.”Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 10 hours ago

Blind: “I am not so quick to worry’
Whether Daley Blind is concerned about the current Ajax in is after the defeat at Heracles Almelo? “No, no”, says the decidedly on FOX Sports. “I’m not so quick to worry. Last year, we had a time when we have a bad play. We know what we can do. It will not come easy, and it is clear that we are not in the best way to do it. If things are not going well, you have to put up a fight. We can create much greater opportunities,” said Blind, who is himself, in the 1-0 earned. “Since I don’t have to stay.”Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 19 hours ago

At the Hag: ‘Totally unnecessary ‘defeat’
Ajax coach Erik ten Hag is not failed to impress in the defeat at Heracles in Almelo, the netherlands (1-0). “It seems to me, logically, that I am disappointed. It was a totally unnecessary defeat, once again. We have ourselves to blame. We have to score, not a lot of options. In a moment of distraction and you will lose him as well. Or, I was Blind to the goal aanreken? He knows how it is himself. I’m not sure about the football, we create chances. But we’ll get there in the front, too little return.”Premier league · 23 hours ago

This is the position in the League after round 24:

  1. Ajax-23-53 (65-20)
  2. AZ-23 is-50 (48-17)
  3. We’re going from 23 to46 (47-34)
  4. PSV eindhoven’s 24-45 (52-27)
  5. William II 24-in 41 (34-31)
  6. FC Utrecht-23-38 (44-31)
  7. Supports 24-38 (41-31)
  8. FC Groningen-24-35 (26-22)
  9. Heracles Almelo-24-32 (36-32)
  10. sc Heerenveen (24-30 (37-36)
  11. Sparta Rotterdam-24-30 (35-39)
  12. FC Emmen 24-29 (28-40)
  13. FC Twente-24-27 (32-42)
  14. VVV-Venlo-24-27 (24 to 48)
  15. Fortuna Sittard, The Netherlands For 24-24 (28-51)
  16. PEC Zwolle is a 24-22 (32-51)
  17. ADO Den Haag, 24 to18 (25 to 50)
  18. After a very good 24-12 (23-55)

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 28 minutes ago

After the final whistle in Almelo, the netherlands search the game Daley Blind and Dusan Tadic directly into the box with a disappointed supporters. Concerns are high among the Locals, this day in the knock-out stages of the Europa League-a 0-2 deficit to make up.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 33 minutes ago

Ajax will lose for the first time since October-november 2005, three uitduels in a row in the Premier league. By then, PSV eindhoven, NEC, FC Utrecht, 1-0 too high. This season it was Ajax, crashed at, AZ, FC Groningen and Heracles Almelo.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a 35-minute geledenDe defeat of Ajax amsterdam for Heracles Almelo has been mainly initiated because of the losing, as you can see from the statistics office.

Of the 76%, But’s passing accuracy against Heracles of Almelo, the netherlands, 76%, their lowest in an upcoming Premier league game this season. Wasteful.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen18:42 am – February 23, 2020Eredivisie · 36 minutes ago

After the Heracles Almelo-Ajax-matchday 24 of the Premier league at the end of it. Here are the results.

RKC Waalwijk-Sparta Rotterdam 0-1

FC Emmen-Willem II 4-2
Feyenoord-Fortuna Sittard 2-1
sc Heerenveen-ADO Den Haag 2-2
FC Groningen-VVV-Venlo 0-1

FC Utrecht-FC Twente 2-1
Vitesse-PSV 1-2
AZ-PEC Zwolle 2-0
Heracles Almelo-Ajax amsterdam 1-0Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 39 minutes ago

Dessers: ‘Packed it in for the frog’
“I put it in a safe place, and took it to the shoe. He was amazing on the inside’, look United-matchwinner Cyriel Dessers is back to his winning 1-0 against Ajax amsterdam in the 77th minute. “We do that Ajax today is not a good thing.”
Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 41 minutes ago

The defeat at Heracles in Almelo, the netherlands, is now in its fourth losing year this season in the Premier league.

  • Willem II at home (0-2)
  • Z-out (1-0)
  • FC Groningen-from (2-1)
  • Heracles Almelo on-off (1-0)

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 44 minutes ago

Ajax will lose to United, and will see the lead shrink
Ajax suffered a surprising defeat at Heracles. The best in the Premier league going 1-0 down on the artificial turf in Almelo, the netherlands, and can see the advantage on a competitor of AZ to dwindle to three points. Cyriel Dessers is the man of the match is the only match for more than ten minutes for a period of time. The top scorer volleert the ball in a phenomenal way in the intersection.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a 44-minute geleden90+4′ is A great opportunity for a Danilo, but it’s a headline close up in the hands of the Blaswich.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden90+3′ A, Silvester, of of the Water in the game is to make the decision. In the United it has plenty of room for the 2-0 within which to work, but he’s off more than in addition to for the purpose of Andre Onana. Ajax is going to lose in Almelo, the netherlands.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden90′ with The minimum of extra time is about four minutes long.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden88′ time is running out for Ajax, but with the game on the Locals and there is a need for a run off. Indeed, the Heracles of Almelo, the netherlands, has frequently hit the ball.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden85 Box seems to be a toothless tiger, and it is not in a position to the walls of Heracles, to overcome them. The fourth competitienederlaag seems to be in the works for February.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden81′ Danilo hammer himself on his enemy, and, combined with Tadic, who is a keen step-by Danilo launches, but the rookie could be the purpose of Heracles is not re.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden79′ is A splendid defensive action of the perret neighbour Schuurs. After losing the ball from Daley Blind sits in the back all the way to Amsterdam, and, therefore, sprint’s Cyriel Dessers at the Ajax goal, but he is a great ball put in by Schuurs.Heracles Almelo-Ajax amsterdam-four hours ago,77′ GOAL Heracles Almelo, the netherlands! 1-0

What a gem of a goal by Cyriel Dessers! The top scorer of the League is chasing the ball with a superb volley at the intersection of Ajax, goalkeeper Andre Onana. Ajax is in deep trouble in the bedroom and have the rest of this quarter in a defeat to turn away from it.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · – one hour ago

Still, a quarter of an hour to play with in the bedroom and Ajax, it is still not able to score a goal against United. The team of coach Erik ten Hag of today points to lose in the eastern part of the country.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden72′ Switch to Ajax: Danilo is on the field and make his debut in the main body of an army for a Year. Ryan Babel, who has a bad feeling, going to be the end.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden71 ” This intersects with Heracles Almelo as a hot knife through Amsterdam, and butter. It’s Junior set, the smooth attack, and only goes to the goalkeeper Andre Onana, but his bet is weak and therefore an easy target for the Ajax goalie.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden69′ Andre Onana watching Ajax for a season. It’s easy whip is a hard commitment from Delano Burgzorg in a sublime way out of the ball. Shake it Ajax in mind?Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden66, ” The fear is there of good to the Players, like the goalkeeper Andre Onana, almost to choke into a back-pass by Henry Eiting. Onana is, however, fast enough to get the ball to the goal line in line with the way to work.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden63′ Carel Eiting and Dusan Tadic have put the opening goal on the shoe, but Eiting, shoot next to it, and Tadic is re-United goalkeeper Janis Blaswich on the way. The alarm bells will have to go slow to ring as the team of coach Erik ten Hag.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · – one hour ago

Erik ten Hag makes a bubbly impression on the sidelines, but his team slog, as yet, on the nepsprieten in Almelo, the netherlands. Going to Ajax, and after the defeat to Getafe in the Europa League and the Premier league are not damaged?Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden59 ” This is Ajax, and especially the Sergiño Dest in a safe place. The right back is taking a lot of risk with a sliding tackle with both legs in Cyriel Dessers the Dutch penalty area, but the referee Pol van Boekel (the netherlands), says that the Dest of the ball in it.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden58′ perret neighbour Schuurs might commit a slip when Daley Blind’s him in the center circle aanspeelt between the players of Heracles Almelo, the netherlands. The defender has a many-to-many operations are required for a follow-up, and the ball is taken by a member of the United. In this scenario, is Cyriel Dessers Ajax keeper Andre Onana in the short corner.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden56 Ryan Babel to show its added value for the Year. The striker, who, until the end of the season, thanks to The inter, you can believe in losing, and also in the finish, very unhappy.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden54 Also after the rest, the looks of the game, for a list of non-slippery and sticky. In spite of the introduction of The Eiting Ajax for a while yet, and the code of Heracles to be broken.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a one-hour geleden49′ Sergiño Dest is set on the artificial turf in Almelo, the netherlands, after a push on the shoulder, Features a Burgzorg. Dest points, surprisingly, to be the face and need to be treated. It looks like they are contact lenses need to re-position it.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 2 hours ago theKick-off! With the ball back in Possession for Asito. Heracles Almelo and Ajax amsterdam started in the second half. The teams will be after peace and quiet will be playing at the Almelo turf?Heracles Almelo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geledenAjax coach Erik ten Hag to commit to a change in the peace and quiet. Lisandro Martinez is staying behind in the locker room and was replaced by Henry Eiting.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Ryan, Gravenberch, is the personification of Ajax, when he has a chance of being missed. All of it is not.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! Plenty of chances, no goals. This is the brief summary of the first half between Heracles Almelo and Ajax amsterdam. The visitors will have the majority and can get by Donny van de Beek of the bar, but Heracles is failing through Cyriel Dessers is also the spell to be broken.Heracles Almelo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden45 That was almost an own goal from Rossmann. The arrival of Heracles is working, the ball almost into his own goal by a strange pass had it not been for Janis Blaswich with a stylish rescue is even worse common.Heracles Almelo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden43, ” It’s raining opportunities in Almelo, the netherlands. Cyriel Dessers knock, Daley Blind and in a team, and have a bit of room to get to the net behind a goalkeeper Andre Onana to be found, but the Belgian slides’m wrong.Heracles Almelo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden41 And a chance for a Year. Lisandro Martinez is totally different from one another, but the lefty hit the ball, but that’s only half, and cannot, therefore, for the purpose of Heracles is not fully committed to re.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 2 hours ago

In a lively first half, it is certainly Heracles Almelo-Ajax. This is particularly the strikers of the two teams due to that it has not yet have scored in the mat Exists for Asito.Heracles Almelo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden39 ” Out of nothing, calls Heracles Almelo in the back. Cyriel Dessers with a live chance, just for the purpose of Andre Onana from, but he gets his foot behind up and jump ball.Heracles Almelo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden35′ Bar! It’s Ajax now, not with you. Donny van de Beek kegelt the ball kiezelhard at the bar. Janis Blaswich who bet on the 22-year-old has just heard of it.Heracles Almelo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden34′ Janis Blaswich takes Heracles to his feet. The keeper, a header from Nicolas Tagliafico from a corner kick.Heracles Almelo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden33 Finally shows Sergiño Dest followed by a moment of attacking class. The nineteen-year-old right back dribbles past his attacker, and allow for a good cross release in the direction of Ryan Babel, one just can’t touch.Heracles Almelo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden32′ perret neighbour Schuurs are going to hike the ball to the edge of the penalty area by Heracles in Almelo, the netherlands. The tall defender is put to the test even his luck, but his shot sailed sky high over the United goal.Heracles Almelo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden28 ” Here it is, Ajax is once again close to the opening goal. Dusan Tadic gets some space and sends a delicate steekballetje to striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, but the pass is just a bit too hard, and is a target for United-goalkeeper Janis Blaswich.Heracles Almelo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden25 ” The game is in Almelo, the netherlands is just at a standstill because of an injury treatment for Heraclied Mohammed Osman. The question is whether or not the sides of the home team, however, can continue.Heracles Almelo-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden23, ” There is Ajax, a very good way. Perret neighbour Schuurs cut the ball in after a cross from the left from Heracles, and consequently will roll the ball to the feet of the topschutter Cyriel Dessers, who beat the keeper André Onana is on its way.Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Ajax seems to be a bit stronger, to be in Possession Asito and the forces United in the back. You know the team of coach Erik ten Hag will also have the authority to speak in the score? Dusan Tadic cast his sight, in each case, to the front.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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