Boy & Doc: 5 In the Flemish kinderdocumentaires on the result

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Teen takes it in The & Doc and soon to be five brand new, the Flemish kinderdocumentaires. The short-film programs, targeted at children between the ages of 9 and 12 years of age, bringing real-life stories, and to show that the world is always seen through the eyes of a child. The documentaries, on 22 February, in a premiere, during the readings by the festival, and the spring mid-term break to look at the result.
Telidja Klaï, ontwikkelingspsychologe with the result: the result will be with the project, The & the Doc is, together with the flemish audiovisual fund, and readings by five young Flemish artists, and five experienced producers the opportunity to learn more about the wonderful world of children, and in particular, to gain experience in the creation of the jeugddocumentaires. We are pleased to say that this is the first installment in a five jewels in a variety of value-added and high-a must see and especially a must feel of the amount resulted.
In June of 2018 the launch of the VAF, Teen and JEFF making a call to the first edition of The & Doc. The young filmmakers were able to sign up and it would be a workshopreeks to follow in order to have their own documentary work. The previous year, selected by a jury of the VAF, Teen and JEFF out of this, five kinderdocumentaires. For example, the result of young artists the opportunity to show their talent to achieve their full potential, and it is also a matter to be presented to the public at large. After that, the kinderdocumentaires inter alia, to the education of schoolvertoningen.

In the She, Jip, and She (Marie De Hert and Ellen Pollard) is a very close bond between brother and sister is put to the test by the first love. In, Bertha, and, of course (Tijs Torfs) when a child learns to cope with a chronic illness. In the Circus without a tent (Nina Landau has a daughter from a family of circus performers, large dreams and aspirations. Papamagneet (Daphne van den Blink is about ‘missing someone’ (your dad, your best friend, etc.), Radio), Felix (from Lauranne Van den Heede) will teach a child with autism understand the world through a radio show.