And she and Lothar are the third pair of Blind-Married

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Tatiana “Tati” (29, non-food, person, and Lothar (26, dealer), are the third couple in the Blind are Married. On Sunday night, were for the viewers to witness their first meeting at the city hall on I St. Amands. The click seemed to be there, and both of them had nice words to each other.

Tati: “I was very pleased about that. I thought to myself: “yes! A teddybeertje for me, as I have outlined it had. My friends, the prophet (pbuh) also comes to me because she knew that that was what I thought it would.” “I have to say, I felt very much at ease. Totally not awkward, it’s whatever. It is as if we have each other, all spoke”.
Lothar made it to the good points of a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a love letter to Tati’s ready to be put in to arrive at the town hall. And they scored with him in the first place with her beautiful eyes. Lothar: “I had very soon seen that, Tati unique with our own eyes. That was the first thing I noticed, which is great.”

Also, Christophe Nick, said ” yes ” to the second installment. And Tati, and Lothar was the last of Blind Married couple: The 28-year-old Winnie the pooh from the Winch is attached to the 30-year-old, the Best of stainless steel. How the novel is progressing to get the viewers to the show on Sunday night the 1st of march.