Stijn Coninx took to make the wrong decision

dedf62580aacb6899dbcbc25c5c668eb - Stijn Coninx took to make the wrong decision

Last week it became known that Johnny Voners his plans for the future to change to get the restore to work. The actor was struck with cancer, and he wants most of all to be overcome. In order to have chances to improve, the focus will be in the next few months of the treatment. Also, Stijn Coninx, after treatment, to get up and running quickly, that’s what he is for next Sunday at The ‘Roundabout’ on Radio 2.

The two-hour long Coninx is a guest at the praatprograma by Christel Van Dyck. His illness has made him more than ever, to think about life. “The disease is pulling a mark in your life. The plans that you have in your head will disappear right away. Suddenly, there are no plans for more, are you, literally, have been cut off. And that feeling goes away the moment you get to hear things are going well, and that it has been fixed. Then, you will see the light at the horizon, silently, again. When we were told that the tumor may be benign and not spread, the cancer is back the way it was, my wife and I have three days to recover from that good news. Because it is emotional, if a change was made. But, of course, we were really very happy with the results,” he said at the Christel Van Dyck.