Daens: the Musical, now beklijvender!

ab2ea39a01fd9d4617282f74e3476aa0 - Daens: the Musical, now beklijvender!

Is that a musical surrounding the haunting tale of the time) Daens is a success, it was 12 years ago. The Studio 100 has chosen for raising the bar this time, it was even higher, with a 2.0 version is in a spectacular Pop-up theater Again.

And that bar… it was as tall as a musicalliefhebber may be desired. The revolving stands we are taking the general public by Visiting the factory of Borremans and the city. Both literally and figuratively, to zoom in on the most intimate of scenes, and break down the hall from the massascenes. A huge crowd of people, horses, dogs, and true-to-life backdrops, drag you into the gut-wrenching life of the 19th-century, blue-collar workers.