Watch : Is veganism in the future.

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Three of the guests. A very challenging position on an important issue. And Jan Leyers. With the ingredients and try to Watch clarity and exits to be found in the midst of the flood of issues and opinions that we have today about the us going to get it. In this episode, talking about our eating habits, and the future of veganism and meat-eating.

“Soon we will be eating all vegan, and eating meat will be illegal,” says vegan activist Tobias Leenaert. We have to evolve inevitably toward a vegan society. On the one hand, we could overcome the drawbacks of animal products is to our planet and our health can no longer be ignored. And, on the other hand, switching to an alternative has never been so easy. More and more large food companies to invest in the development of meat substitutes. Therefore, the society is slow to follow suit, think of Leenaert.
He or she is De Smet. A professor from the university of Ghent, believes that we are in the short term, be able to switch to it. For a completely vegan company, it is not sustainable, and the alternatives to meat can be meat, not replace it. According to De Smet meat, by the way, unjustly, a bad image.
Later in the slide, in Front of the Farmer to the table. This English professor comes up with a startling message, who is suffering first, should, being vegan can be. But if the earth wants to survive, it will have a bit of meat to eat…