Ultratop 50 Flanders-Week 8

78c6eac8e91041789269607e3642b7f1 - Ultratop 50 Flanders-Week 8

The five girls are there compared to last week, no more, in the Flemish Ultratop 50. Ikraaan with “Reflection” and “Dreaming of Aruba,” by Fadim were there for five weeks. Just “Vanessa” by Simply Ruben & Safi, they have performed at seven weeks. “Droomdans” by Siham did it for ten weeks, and Nina Butera, with “Turn the love to go back there, even once, on the 13th, and should be very happy after twelve weeks in the number one spot for having.

“Small village pub” by Michael Lanzo is a new 49. “Vrank en vrij” is a White Bird, at 48. Doran & Ellis, went all out, but she came back with, “together forever”, at 44. 40 for the Splinterkind” Geert Verdickt, from a Neighbor. Yevgueni feat. Rita Zipora is in the top of the new 32 “Everything that I want to be.”