In new marriages, in a Blind-Married

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Last week, the gifts of Now, she still is the first company in the Blind, got Married, well, for the meantime, 1.050.312 viewers and a market share of 47,4% (VVA 18-54), at the VVA 18-44 even, 50.4% is. On Sunday, the 23rd of February, married, official, Day, and stewart and Nick in the second episode of the series, though it seems to be in their company, and after a successful first meeting is just a formality to it.

Also, we get to meet the other two couples. The 28-year-old IT specialist, and manager of the Best from the Dutch, a well-known Blind-Married-looking back: the Best of is one of the closest friends of former member, Victor and Victor’s story is so very, very close to be able to follow it. All of the ups, but also for all of the downs, and to make sure that the Best that a relationship is work. But he was all the way in. Question is who is he is: the 29-year-old, cheerful, Tati or, and the 28-year-old babbler Winnie the pooh? And what kind of woman is representative of Lothar (26) is set to play?

To make their wedding reception one wants to be with Laura Now, to take you to a very special place to be. My mom was 19 years ago and died, along with her brother, will, Laura and her bridal bouquet to lay at the spot where her mother was buried.