Band, Ivan Pecnik, makes us cheerful

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The first single from Ivan Pecnik, entitled “Blijziend” after evaluation of right away is included in the playlist of Radio 2 , the Most biggest radio station. “Blijziend” is a word with Ivan Pecnik, shared with his wife, “Blijziend is Ivan is more of an emotion than happy to watch. Text and song are by Ivan’s hand, and arranged by Vincent Pierins, Tom Lodewijckx is on guitar, and Patrick Hamilton on the keys and watching the screen.

By 2020, it is indeed a year filled with the music of Ivan Pecnik. He will be playing in march at the Antwerp Philharmonic Orchestra, a series of Baron von Münchhausen, and in april, with the Exception of the musical, Pocahontas, in the capitol square. Now, therefore, for the release of his first single, “Blijziend”, and the second single “Hold on” by Goele De Raedt is ready to be served.