A new Canvas: the diplomatic Corps

5c950db43b8f23719e0f20983015bee3 - A new Canvas: the diplomatic Corps

Diplomats have to think twice before they say something, and decide to solve it. That other is in the diplomatic Corps are active efforts to combat it.
The Belgian diplomatic service in the late quaternary sequence at home for the first time, not only in the back of her tongue, but how to get it to work. Reporter, Bart, for one more Year, after months of acting as access to a number of diplomatic hot spots. He is able to follow diplomatic in decision-making positions in New York, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Washington, Brussels, Bamako, and he has the fine charm of the diplomacy, and politics, and frankly to tell, in the magnificent palais d’egmont.

And to be diplomatically busy times. Belgium once again has a seat on the UN Security council, and the agenda is very ambitious. The largest business mission ever went to China, and ambassador to the USA earlier in the states than in Washington. And then there’s Brussels, the capital city. Once again, a Belgian, was elected as the new chairman of the Council of europe. His most important adviser of the Belgian top japanese diplomat.