10,000 visitors for the Council of 3

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The theaterhuis with the Exception. James Cooke, the “Council” is a very strong format, in the last two editions have already proved that. In this assisenzaken “The webcammoord” in 2018 and “The gifmoord” in 2019, should the public decide on the guilt or innocence. In march, there will be a new assisenzaak are in the works: “The wurgmoord”. One month before the premiere, we already have a 10,000 members of the jury signed up!

Assisenzaken are more up to date than ever before. Just last month, followed the whole of Flanders, with the excitement of the euthanisieproces around the New Nys as well as ‘ 12 ‘ on One of them was a big hit. All of us have been judgmental, and certainly like to talk about guilt or innocence. And that is precisely where the success of the new format. After the discussions and interviews will follow according to the opinion that it is in the hands of the public. The director, Frank Van Laecke, this leads to all over again on the right track, and has also collaborated with good friend, Peter Römer (b.a. ‘Baantjer’) in the text.

COUNCIL 3 – WURGMOORD deals with the case of the kaartlegster Rita Celis. It was used by the client, the Raf De Graeve period. The accused is familiar with the facts on the question of guilt, there is no doubt about it. But it acted with De Graeve, perhaps, out of an irresistible craving ? There are extenuating circumstances of which the jury and the audience, it still can be exonerated? Or is there any magic in the game. An additional difficult task for the public prosecutor’s office, Veerle Durieux, and a lawyer by Gilles Colin, who is their life, and this is assisenzaak yet, it is difficult to separate them. The tension, emotion and comedy, the colors are more than ever at this COUNCIL OF 3, THE WURGMOORD.