The youngest participant-ever-in-The-Voice-Kids

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On Friday, the 21st of February, shooting is the schattigheidsfactor seriously, the height of the third Blind Auditions from The Voice Kids, the previous week’s 823.000 viewers, and to 36.5% share of the market brought the live+delayed). The stage is, in fact, is being made available for the younger candidate ever, just 8, has become Divorced from Hoboken. She surprised the coaches with her choice and trying to get them to do a spin on the Pina Colada from the K3. “My favourite Q3-I is a short history, because people may think that I’m in her body, what it sounds like. Key to the ladies ‘ in the text box, and when they are on their own to hit them? The fact is that the team is Q3, the third Blind Auditions with a solid overtaking manoeuvre to bet against slokop Sean Dhondt…

These talents will be singing in the middle of the top of the third Blind Auditions:
• Matisse’s Foré (13, Adegem), together with his grandfather, and creative videos for his own green screen at home. He loves musicals, and was recently seen in 40-45. For his audition, he brings the Soldiers of Love Liliane Saint-Pierre.
• Thalia Severens (14, Account)) does it take to be a fabulous place to live, because my life is boring all the time.” In the hondenkapsalon of her mother, she gets a visit from An Lemmens and her dog Nando. Thalia singing ” Talking To The Moon by Bruno Mars.
• This Now (8, Hoboken) is the younger candidate ever-in-The-Voice-Kids. Its a favorite among the K3 sheets of paper is a short history, “as people find out that I was in her body. In her audition, if she does not happen to be on a Pina Colada by… F3.
• Stan-Desimpelaere (13, Torhout) wants to be the Elon Musk of. Just before the stage, must be No father of John Destadsbader to sing, and to check that he would like to pay attention to the stock market. Running is his favorite coach, Laura Tesoro is all about?
• Tiana Pollet (12, Kluisbergen) has a special hobby. Together with her father, she meets crawl: a journey with the car on the remote control. Throw her in The Voice Kids by the end of 2002, Anne-Marie?
• Dilara Soylu (11 A, Hoogstraten (belgium), comes from a very international family. My mom is from Ukraine, and her father from Turkey. Was Dilara, but no less than 5 different languages. For her audition, she is just in English, you Can’t Pretend by Tom Odell.
• Fill Dierckx (14, Kontich) will take the Friday as well as emotional audition on the Performance of Ilse de lange, the lievelingszangeres of her mother. “She has a 1.5 years ago and the cancer had by all. That is, they cure it, it has a magic all its own. I’ve had this song for her.”
• Inneke Mertens (13, This), comes from a musical family and plays the saxophone. The Voice Kids, she has made a lasting impression and have their own version of Britney Spears’ Toxic, which is An Lemmens is a most magical moment brings.
• Veronika Bikarova Of 13, Kessel-Lo is a creative and wants to ever have its own music and release it. She hopes to have the coaching staff to deal with her failing voice, her on-I Put A Spell On You ” by Annie Lennox.
• Tom Kuyken (14, Retie was well surprised with a ticket to the Blind Auditions. With the assistance of her twin sister, she sang All I want by Emma Bale.
• Mette-Marie Maes, A 14, Averbode), loves the arts, culture and music. It is made by Sieg De Doncker surprises in the Brussels museum. Mette-Marie-sings-in-The-Voice-Kids-for the first time in front of an audience and with California Dreamin’ by Sia.
• Sofia and Stuyck (13, Castle, chose for her audition, a song that the kids will immediately be surprised: Teardrop by Massive Attack. “That song is so heavy and dark, but also light in weight and looks good. I can’t find it.”