The Weeknd is coming to the Arena

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The Weeknd announces ” The After Hours Tour of the new world, in which, on the 11th of June in the U.S. starting in the fall, the transition into the european market. The tour follows the release of his new album, ‘After Hours’, on the 20th of march, with the singles “Heartless,” the oorwurm “Blinding Lights” and the new, as of yesterday, the new single “After Hours”. On Monday, the 26th of October, The Monthly in the sports palace of Antwerp in belgium. The sale of tickets will begin Friday, February 28 at 10 am via

The ‘After Hours’ Tour will be of the latest manufacture, and be one of the most innovative and podiumontwerpen to now bring to the table. It will never be as much as LED lighting and video in the Stadium had to be! Each of the 57 data, counting world tour is produced by Live Nation, will visit the cities in the United States of america, Canada, australia, the United Kingdom, austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, belgium and France. The Support acts on the European part of the tour will be 88GLAM and Sabrina Claudio.