A-Z starts off strong in the Europa League match with LASK

e245262a11e6b3b9e88d4ce7e85443e6 - A-Z starts off strong in the Europa League match with LASK

A-Z starts off strong in the Europa League match with LASK

February 20, 2020 at 18:20
20-02-20 at 18:20
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Europa League! We are Robbert van der Linde and Jeroen van Barneveld to keep you up to date on the operations of the Ajax-AZ in the European tournament.

  • LIVE:
  • E-LASK 0-0
  • Results:
  • Barcelona-Ajax Amsterdam 1-0

E-LASK · * * * a few hours ago

Calvin Stengs dance like a ballerina on his Austrian opponent, but the attacker has, today, developed as an attacking midfielder, still has peel off on the boggy turf in the Netherlands.Barcelona-Ajax and one from a minute ago

In the past, however, still have some hopes for the Year. The Locals, members of four times before a uitnederlaag in the heenwedstrijd of a European two-part series, but there are two times and knew they were on to the next round to pick it up. That was a long time ago, because it was set up in 1977 at Lillestrom SK, and a year later, against Athletic Bilbao.E-LASK Linz · 4 hours ago

This elf should be in tonight against LASK is a good starting point for creating a-Z for the return next week in Austria.Barcelona and Ajax · 5 hours ago

A disappointed, serious look on Erik ten Hag, who was the first European uitnederlaag as a member of Ajax’s suffering.E-LASK · 6-minute geleden10′, and The game is silent for a moment, in the city of Alkmaar, because of LASK-leader for Trauner to the ground after a duel with, still doing it, with an extended leg and get the ball out of the air, wants to be picked. Fortunately, for the a-Z of players from LASK to a piece of manmoediger than that of Barcelona, and the game will go on.Barcelona and Ajax · a 7-minute geledenOm just look at that Barcelona will not be determined in the field and enter a cool football game for it.

42:36 The ball is in play for just 42 minutes & 36 seconds the Barcelona and Ajax, the second-shortest amount of time in a champions League game (since 2009). Patience.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen21:08 am – February 20, 2020AZ-LASK 10 minutes geleden6 A “precarious time” for the purpose of a-Z, as in the play of a LASK a slingerworp put the ball in the penalty area but it brings with it. Through the leg of one E-one player will hit the ball into the hands of goalkeeper Marco Bizot to go.E-LASK · a 12-minute geleden4′ How Koopmeiners explains the free-kick and scored, even in the dark. LASK-neil Schlager grabbelt the ball out of his goal.E-LASK · is a 13-minute geleden3′ No penalty! The VAR has been found that Myron still doing it out of the box on its heels will be kicked out due to his Austrian enemy. The penalty will be converted to a free-kick. In a setback for the Alkmaarders.E-LASK 15 minutes geleden1′ Penalty goal for AZ! After 55 seconds, a-Z, already in a free kick. Myron is still doing in the box on the heels kicked out and the referee points to go to the ball. The VAR that is looking to go to the pictures.Barcelona and Ajax · is a 15-minute geleden1 ” Even at this late avondduels, there is the potential of pp to the European fields:

  • FIRST-FC Basel
  • Roma-Gent
  • Bayer Leverkusen-FC Porto
  • Olympiakos-Arsenal Fc
  • Rangers FC-Sporting Braga.
  • VfL Wolfsburg-Malmo FF
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers-Espanyol

E-LASK · 16 hours agoKick-off! The ball is in the rainy Netherlands. E-LASK has been started. Love, the team of trainer Time Slot, then the Dutch reputation in this Europa League last night?E-LASK · 19 hours geledenDe players from a-Z to run in the Dutch underground when the display of Retteketeteketet, so he covered a-Z! ” from the speakers, to sound. In just a few moments is going to be the competition between a-Z and the LASK of a start-up in a roofless stadium, which is a hoosbui has been passed.Champions League · 23 hours ago

The other is an early avondwedstrijden in the Europa League are coming to an end. Here are the results:

  • CFR Cluj-Sevilla 1-1
  • Club Brugge-Manchester United 1-1
  • FC Copenhagen-Celtic 1-to-1
  • Eintracht Frankfurt And Red Bull Salzburg 4-1
  • Ludogorets-The 0 To 2 –
  • Shakthar Donetsk-Benfica 2-1
  • Sporting CP-Basaksehir 3-1

E-LASK · 23 hours ago

The look is going to be on the right. The Alkmaarders steps at 21: 00 hours, at LASK Linz in this Europa League match, you can expect a lot of support out of the box.Barcelona and Ajax · 27 minutes ago

Frustrating defeat to Ajax with Barcelona
Ajax is in for a hell of a job to get to the eighth finals of the champions League is still to be reached. The Locals are playing a dismal game against a maddeningly Barcelona, in their own home, with a 2-0 win. Deyverson, and Kenedy to create the goals for the Spaniards, who have no opportunity to waste at the theatre, or to provoke other people. Because of Ajax itself, and not a single (!) shot on goal comes in, it is the most frustrating defeat was inevitable.Barcelona and Ajax · 28 minutes agoby 90+3′ the, GOAL Getafe! 2-0

The most frustrating evening for the Ajax to complete. A Kenedy may go after a ball loss by Schuurs and shoot through the Sergiño Dest the ball past Bruno Varela. This is a huge project for the people of Amsterdam next week in the return on investment.Barcelona-Ajax-a 30-minute geleden90 After losing possession of the Blind, may, Barcelona is again to be expected to think about it, but they passed pay close attention to, and it is more to do with the ball, But. It’s a game of Getafe, meanwhile, has horrible proportions, but for now, the Spanish are also rich tijdrekken.Barcelona and Ajax · a 32-minute geleden88′ Nyom going to have to lie in it as if he was seriously injured in a crash in a game, in the hope of Tagliafico a second yellow card to sell. The arbitrator, however, and keeps the card in his pocket.CFR Cluj-Sevilla · 34 mins ago –84′ GOAL, Below. 1-to-1

Here it proves to be, Luuk de Jong added value to the city. The striker lays the ball is an excellent width, of the free-standing Youssef, And Nesyri, which is close to simply be able to finish. Seville is in the final stage, at the same level, with CFR Cluj.Barcelona and Ajax · a 35-minute geleden86 Again, it is a pass in the direction of the would-be attackers of Ajax, too bad, but Huntelaar gets the ball into the box, a blessing with you. The angle is a difficult one for the striker, who is in front of you shoot.Barcelona and Ajax · 37 minutes geleden83 Box announced that a final offensive, and it was impending over Babylon, and out Of the Water. There is still a chance for the Locals in the lead?Barcelona and Ajax · a 40-minute geledenDaar are the long awaited pictures of the band on Ryan Babel, which will be rollebollende opponent, Getafe fakes, after an easy given the injury to the attacker of the Year.


Hahahahaha that is, Babylon. What a hero.


AuteurYorinMoment of plaatsen20:14 – February 20, 2020Getafe, But · a 40-minute geleden80 For the umpteenth time tonight and reached the Ziyech’s no team-mate with the ball. The playmaker from Ajax, has had his day, that much is clear. The question is whether he will be fully fit.E-LASK Linz · 43 minutes ago

The backdrop to tonight’s a-Z-LASK Linz. In the AFAS stadium is a far-from-sold-out-for-the heenwedstrijd in the Europa League. Two days ago, the teller at the 12.500 tickets sold, and while the venue seats more than 17,000 spectators.Barcelona-Ajax-one hour ago

Nicolás Tagliafico could hardly believe his eyes, but the Former is going to be on the receipt when referee Ruddy Buquet. This is the epitome of the game of the Year.Barcelona-Ajax-four hours geleden74′ Barcelona will give Ajax a lesson in effective attacks, with a couple of quick passes and a chance to develop. The commitment of the Cucurella, however, can easily be taken in by Varela.Barcelona-Ajax-four hours geleden73, and Also the attack of Ajax, will be nipped in the bud. Babylon is blown off, because he was an opponent in the back, then pushes in after a cross from the right.Barcelona-Ajax-four hours geleden71 ” Finally, what appears to be an imminent threat of attack, of the Year. Babel’s cycle on the left side, but it seems to be a lot of speed, returned, not to find out. The first move of the attacker to not be taken in by Tadic.Ludogorets-First-four-hours ago,71′ GOAL in The club! From 0 to 1

Christian Eriksen, making his first goal in the service of The club. The midfielder, last month, came from Tottenham Hotspur scores after beulswerk of Romelu Lukaku.Barcelona-Ajax-four hours geleden68, ” A double-bill in the Box. Huntelaar comes in for Traoré, Schuurs lost Álvarez, af. This means that the Blind or Ziyech is still in the competition will have to play with.Barcelona-Ajax-one hour ago

67′ and The second half is very similar to the first one. The players from Ajax, away higher and higher, because of the annoying game play of Barcelona, and it is only going to get worse due to the poor play of the Locals themselves.Barcelona-Ajax-four hours geleden64′ Is going to do very well in the build-up of Ajax, which is just not concentrated it is. But can hardly benefit from it, but it Tagliafico been shot into the corner.Barcelona-Ajax-four hours geleden61, ” The downside of that is a tactic in which the players are behind the defense to show up, is that there are a lot of balls aren’t coming at all. In the game of Ajax is not so adapted that the receivers and steekballen both at the same time, to be good.Barcelona-Ajax-four hours geleden57 ” The yellow cards will follow quickly, one after the other, and this is the third in a ten-minute half. He and Mathias Olivera, the principal at the one and only hit so far. The author of that goal, Deyverson, is then changed, and the polished striker, But come in.Barcelona-Ajax-four hours geleden55 With Nyom becomes the second player from Barcelona, temporarily defeated. Babel has had enough and is going to be there in a playful way, in addition to the roles. However, the attacker must be able to look forward to, because may be the arbitrator Buquet, who’s humor is less appreciated.Barcelona-Ajax-four hours geleden54′ Tagliafico is on the bill for a wild tackle on Cucurella. That is, it is not very useful, the Former because he’s now suspended for the return.E-LASK Linz · a one-hour geledenHakon Evjen will be wedstrijdshirt against LASK Linz is fixed, as a relic to preserve it, because it is The first move in the service of the right. The twenty-year-old midfielder was last month for a reported € 2.5 million, were acquired from Norway’s FK Bodø/Glint.

🇳🇴 The First time!
#AZ #azlas #UEL #HE18


AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen20:05 pm – 20 February, 2020Getafe, But one hour geleden51 Free-kick from Ziyech is in everything and everyone missed it and it stutters, almost to the second stake. Keeper of this small note, however, is to catch the ball before he was against it, it just flies by. It does mean, however, that the first attempt on goal of the Year.E-LASK Linz · – one hour ago

With a hand on the back of the players ‘ a-Z before the champions League match against LASK Linz. The fans are waiting for the play by fakkers and then went on. Not for nothing is ‘Together to victory’ is the motto of the Alkmaarders. They will get a boost on the field?Barcelona-Ajax-four hours geleden47′ they passed is far, far out of his goal to be a high-ball road to be blunt, but that is well out of position. Fortunately for him, and goes out for a tilt and Maksimovic hit the ball over the goal.Barcelona-Ajax-one hour ago

46′ The second half has started, in Barcelona. You can Ajax in self-control to hold and to finally be in the game to come out?Europa League · one hour ago

Those people are starting in the clubs of the late avondwedstrijden in the Europa League:

  • Daley Sinkgraven (Bayer Leverkusen)
  • Wout Weghorst (VfL Wolfsburg)

Barcelona-Ajax-one hour ago

The most telling statistic is: Ajax is for the first time since the appointment of Erik ten Hag is not in the shot in the first half of an official duel.Barcelona-Ajax-one hour ago

Deyverson is posing in a challenging manner to the box after the hit.E-LASK Linz · – one hour ago

After two defeats in a row, it’s the question of whether a-Z of the glove, again you can pick it up in the Europa League. The team of the trainer’s Time Slot has been heralded for it’s smooth threatening, but what happens to the Alkmaarders if it don’t work out? At the Austrian LASK Linz have a-Z to prevent it in three ways, not more, to play, and after the bekereliminatie by STOKE city. Hakon Evjen, making his basisdebuut.

Lineup a-Z: Bizot; Svensson, Lioness, Koopmeiners, Wijndal; van la parra, Stengs, and The White-Evjen, still doing it, Idrissi airport.

Drawing-LASK Linz: Schlager; Wiesinger, Trauner, Filipovic; Ranftl, Michorl, Holland, Rider; Goiginger, Raguz, Frieser.
Europa League · one hour ago

It’s too quiet in the other early avondwedstrijden in the Europa League. This is the score:

  • CFR Cluj-Sevilla 0-0
  • Club Brugge-Manchester United 1-1
  • FC Copenhagen-Celtic 0-1
  • Eintracht Frankfurt And Red Bull Salzburg 2-0
  • Ludogorets-Internazionale 0-0
  • Shakthar Donetsk-Benfica 0-0
  • Sporting CP-Basaksehir 2-0

Barcelona-Ajax-four hours geledenAlsof, there is not yet enough evidence that the players of Barcelona will do everything to get a result, you’ll find a couple of quite a demonstration for the field with the Ajax supporters will walk away. The Spanish team reach the level of everyone else’s blood under the nails away.Barcelona and Ajax · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! Ajax was, as warned, but for the moment, the stairs and the Locals are full into the trap of Barcelona. The team of Erik ten Hag to let himself out of the game by getting the class of Spaniards, who are short, for the rest, well, still in the lead by Deyverson. Ajax, in itself, is offensive to many, to messy and will be a great opportunity.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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