A-Z in two points at the same height at LASK in the Europa League

9801c0a7f261b425c48cd2f10dbdfe53 - A-Z in two points at the same height at LASK in the Europa League

A-Z in two points at the same height at LASK in the Europa League

February 20, 2020 at 18:20
20-02-20 at 18:20
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Europa League! We are Robbert van der Linde and Jeroen van Barneveld to keep you up to date on the operations of the Ajax-AZ in the European tournament.

  • LIVE:
  • E-LASK 1-TO-1
  • Results:
  • Barcelona-Ajax Amsterdam 2-0

E-LASK-four hours ago86′ GOAL in AZ! 1-to-1

How Koopmeiners shoot AZ into the final stage on the same level with the LASK. The captain, penaltyspecialist of the appeal, it sends a LASK-neil Schlager the wrong angle. A major hit for the Alkmaarders.E-LASK · a 2-minute geleden86′ Penalty goal for AZ! A-Z will be in the final stage of the match in a penalty kick. As a player, LASK gets a free kick from Calvin Stengs on the arm. A sensible decision by the referee, after seeing the video.E-LASK · a 2-minute geleden85 ” The referee is going to appeal the value to look for in the pictures. That seems to be the hands of the LASK in the penalty area.E-LASK · a 3-minute geleden84′ What a great opportunity for the a-Z on the 1-to-1. This is the White at the end on the shoe as well as a free kick from Calvin Stengs dangerous turns, but it is the better of the LASK saves the day.E-LASK · 5 minutes to geleden82′ just joe Koopmeiners, casts himself as a warrior in the path of the shot of the Goiginger, and therefore preventing a dangerous shot on goal by Marco Bizot.Olympiacos-Arsenal fc · 6 minutes ago,81′ GOAL to Arsenal! From 0 to 1

In a match, which is a typical 0-0 match seems to make Arsenal an all-important uittreffer. Bukayo Saka will be in a low cross to the feet of Alexandre Lacazette, who have cleverly sidelined and simply binnentikt.E-LASK · a 7-minute geleden80′ Ferdy Druijf, the hero of Antwerp, and the pinchhitter of the appeal, the pull to the right. He is on the field for the lower-than-expected Oussama Idrissi.Bayer Leverkusen-FC Porto · 12 minutes ago,73′ GOAL for FC Porto! 2-1

There, Porto is a very important uitdoelpunt to deal with. Marulanda, Luis Diaz, will be the highest at a free-kick, and blasts it hard to the goal. Leverkusen goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky is given a hand behind it, but it is not enough to get the ball out of his goal to keep out.E-LASK · is a 13-minute geleden74′ Oussama Idrissi shows, finally, bits and pieces of its class. The Arjen Robben-from a-Z is the first from the outside, dribbles to the inside, and with his right leg, a direct hit on the ball to release it. LASK-neil Schlager saves the day has been difficult.E-LASK · 15 hours ago

With her hands in her pockets, watching trainer, He Finally feel helpless to see how the team are delving at the opening of the LASK. The pressure these days to grow on the back of the coach, which in a single week, on all fronts (league, cup and Europe) are turned off, it seems to be.E-LASK · 19 hours geleden68′ Ramon Leeuwin plays a simple breedtepass just on the sidelines. It is a characteristic of the hemeltergende the game on the right.E-LASK · a 22-minute geleden66′ a-Z in the second half with the strong wind in Alkmaar, and this has an impact on the game. The team of the trainer’s Time Slot, was praised for its refreshing, light-hearted and fun-loving attack, it makes an unrecognisable appearance.VfL Wolfsburg-Malmo FF · 22 minutes ago –63′ GOAL VfL Wolfsburg! 2-1

Admir Mehmedi gets his head to a free kick from Maximilian Arnold and launches the ball very accurately into the corner. For the first time tonight, and stand by Wout Weghorst and his team-mate on the edge.VfL Wolfsburg-Malmo FF · 22 hours ago

Wout Weghorst frustrated by the opening goal from Malmö, sweden. In the meantime, the striker of Wolfsburg, his aanvalsmaatje Josip Brekalo, however, already in the second half make.E-LASK · a 25-minute geleden61 Prompt drop-Z, and the Alkmaarders, together with the power in the 0 to 2 is prevented. Marco Bizot whip the ball out of his goal, a direction, a changed man, and after some of the AZ players, with heart and soul to get the ball rolling. Luckily, in AZ, the damage will not be aggravated.Bayer Leverkusen-FC Porto · 28 minutes ago,57′ GOAL for Bayer Leverkusen! 2-0

Kai Havertz is given a second chance from eleven metres, as the referee Vincic opinion that the players of FC Porto will be asked to come into. In the second attempt, the striker is a lot better, and it is going to be in the lower-right is within.Bayer Leverkusen-FC Porto · a 29-minute geleden55′ of Bayer Leverkusen misses a penalty! The efforts of Kai Havertz, it is truly appalling. The attacker has to shoot slap through the middle, and to which Augustin Marchesin and the possibility of starting to save.E-LASK-a 30-minute geleden57 That has to LASK coach Valerien Ismael is clever looking at. He quotes the Famous Runner of the bank, who have just applied for his second yellow card on a wet night in the Netherlands.Bayer Leverkusen-FC Porto · a 31-minute geleden54′ Penalty goal for Bayer Leverkusen! The team of Peter Bosz will have the great opportunity to take the margin to two. Volland is being pulled down towards the ground by Manafa, and the ball goes on the spot.E-LASK · 31 minutes ago

AZ is clearly the better out of the locker room come in and dominate, as yet, at LASK, which is forced sit back and not be able to be stuck together, to adhere.E-LASK · of the 34-minute geleden53 Trainer Time Slot, and E-players are screaming for a second yellow card for a LASK-player, a Cyclist, after a minor offence, but Finnish referee Gestranius keep his cards in his pocket.E-LASK · a 35-minute geleden52 ” Marco Bizot will need to re-do it as a Rider to a tremendous pre-release in the direction of end Raguz, but it’s easy from a-Z makes it to the danger of his fists up and harmless.VfL Wolfsburg-Malmo FF · 36 minutes ago –50′ GOAL VfL Wolfsburg! 1-to-1

A high-speed response of the Germans. Josip Brekalo shoot in Germany almost immediately from the kick-off back to Malmö, sweden. The Croatian aanvalspartner Wout Weghorst is given to the ball by a fluke in the course, but the way he hit the ball into the far intersection, flick, it is pure class.E-LASK · of 38 minutes geleden49′ What a great opportunity for the a-Z! Finally, the Alkmaarders like a hot knife through Austria and butter. Myron still doing it then tap the ball in from Jonas Svensson at LASK-neil Schlager.VfL Wolfsburg-Malmo FF · 38 minutes ago –48′ GOAL Malmo FF! From 0 to 1

Wout Weghorst is right after a rest, to catch up with Wolfsburg. Malmö, sweden is given a penalty kick after a hands-on and Kevin Mbabu-in the of sixteen. Isaac Thelin to put himself behind the ball, and it shoots flawlessly within.E-LASK · 39 minutes geleden47′ to Re-state, a-Z, to sleep, to a far-off throw-in from the right-hand side. Raguz cannot get the ball under control, but he’s met with a sliding, And as the White.And Europa League, · in 41 minutes geleden46 in Nicosia, and Rome, Leverkusen, Piraeus, Glasgow and Germany, and July roll the ball back. We get a half more goals to be seen in Europe.E-LASK · 42 minutes ago, theKick-off! The ball is rolling once again in the Netherlands. Can be a-Z in the back the rights after the poor showing in the first half, in which the opponent has had against LASK? Trainer, He last but not least, the rest, no changes have been made.E-LASK · 44 minutes ago

It is a poncho that’s counting on the platform of the Z, which is the rain to flock to the chairs of the talks. In the game, the home team is not to be afraid of it.Barcelona-Ajax-one hour ago

Blindly irritated to the ‘nasty team’ Barcelona
Daley Blind will find that the Ajax is particularly critical in themselves, however, however, however, destroy the game of Barcelona. “Barcelona is a difficult team to play against. The players were constantly in search of the land,” said the defender after the 2-0 defeat. “It’s frustrating, that’s none of your business, and referees everywhere, horn. He had the race totally under control. They are not something that we need to be annoying, but it is just as well. What we have seen, is no more, that we will be able to play. Too many players were just not good enough for you!”E-LASK-four hours ago

Here are the stats from the first half of it between a-Z and the LASK:

Ball possession: 63%-37%
The end: from 2 to 6
Shots on goal: 1 to 3
Corner kicks: 1-0
Of violations: 6 a-11Europa League one day ago

This will be the score on the rest of the Eu’s fields where it all is. Peter Bosz, led by Bayer Leverkusen at home to FC Porto, and Justin Kluivert from the bench AS Roma the lead against Gent, and Wout Weghorst and his team-mate from Germany as the opponent in Malmö, and the target is still not found.

FIRST-FC Basel 0-1
Roma-Gent 1-0
Bayer Leverkusen-FC Porto 1-0
Olympiakos-Arsenal Fc 0-0
Rangers FC-Sporting Braga 0-1
VfL Wolfsburg-Malmo FF 0-0
Wolverhampton Wanderers-rcd Espanyol 1-0AZ-LASK-four hours ago

A striking image of the first half in a rainy Amsterdam. LASK does a-Z in his grip, as aanvalsleider Myron still doing it now or has had.E-LASK-four hours ago

Peace of mind! It seems to be as cynical as it is, or a-Z inspiration, experience in using Ajax, because it is still not in the team of the trainer’s Time Slot against LASK. The Austrians let the Alkmaarders is no time to rest, and to lead is earned by 0-1 thanks to a goal from Marko Raguz.E-LASK-four hours geleden45 ” The referee is still two minutes of stoppage time in the first half of the E-LASK.E-LASK-four hours geleden42′ Jonas Svensson gives the ball to the penalty area without a player of LASK, who ploegmakker Frieser is. Goalkeeper Marco Bizot with his feet in the 0 to 2.E-LASK-four hours geleden38, ” Oh, Calvin Stengs yet. The attacker can then take over and the seas of space, but he picks a lot of to be in a hurry for a quick in the direction of Myron still doing it. LASK may be the ball, be easy and harmless to make. A typical example for the heavy veldspel of the Alkmaarders against the aggressive Austrians.E-LASK-four hours ago

Balende-Z-players bow their heads after the 0-1 Marko Raguz on behalf of LASK, by basisdebutant Hakon Evjen at the forefront.E-LASK-four hours geleden34 In a short period of time pulls the referee to the three yellow cards, including one for Calvin Stengs, and Myron still doing it. The strikers are sitting is clearly not in the game, and does not come apart from the Austrian people.Bayer-Leverkusen-FC-Porto-four hours ago –a 29′ GOAL for Bayer Leverkusen! 1-0

Peter Bosz will see his team in the lead coming into the topaffiche of the evening. Lucas Alario is the right place to Kerem Demirbay extended ball in to the mix. At first glance, it may seem that the match has to be disallowed due to the offside position, but the arbitrator Slavko Vincic has access to the value at risk and the judge, after viewing the images, that is, the goal is the one that counts.E-LASK-four hours geleden30′ LASK should have scored from his first shot on the target, up to play as yet, little is done in our own stadium. The Alkmaarders to be constantly harassed by the opposition of Austria, and therefore can not be with their loved one threatening to play with.E-LASK-four hours ago,24′ GOAL LASK! From 0 to 1

A shadow to the right. A far throw from the right-hand side of the LASK – is a registered trademark of the Austrians, in this case, by, and for the feet of Marko Raguz, who hit the ball through the legs of the Injured Lioness behind goalkeeper Marco Bizot do. Bizot’s won’t stand a chance due to the changed direction of shot.E-LASK-four hours ago

The Austrian, the wall is made of concrete and is in AZ not too bad, but rasdribbelaar Oussama Idrissi, who are consistently two of the players of LASK on his roof.E-LASK-four hours geleden20′ And the White hopes, Hakon Evjen is to launch on the right side, but I can’t get the ball because of the pass on The White, it is far too imprecise a target for LASK-neil Schlager.E-LASK-four hours geleden17′ a-Z will play a lot more conservative than it would normally be in the Premier league are doing. He Wijndal, which is often a TGV train on the left goes, is more common than you would like to be on the side. It seems to be a clear statement of the trainer’s Time Slot.E-LASK · 2 hours ago

Calvin Stengs dance like a ballerina on his Austrian opponent, but the attacker has, today, developed as an attacking midfielder, still has peel off on the boggy turf in the Netherlands.Barcelona and Ajax · 2 hours ago

In the past, however, still have some hopes for the Year. The Locals, members of four times before a uitnederlaag in the heenwedstrijd of a European two-part series, but there are two times and knew they were on to the next round to pick it up. That was a long time ago, because it was set up in 1977 at Lillestrom SK, and a year later, against Athletic Bilbao.E-LASK Linz · 2 hours ago

This elf should be in tonight against LASK is a good starting point for creating a-Z for the return next week in Austria.Barcelona and Ajax · 2 hours ago

A disappointed, serious look on Erik ten Hag, who was the first European uitnederlaag as a member of Ajax’s suffering.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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