This is the verleidsters of Temptation Island by 2020

This is the verleidsters of Temptation Island by 2020

No relatietest without a heart. This little verleidsters the plans of the men, however, are very difficult to do on the island of temptation…who will be at the heart of the four male participants are faster to do and save for the female participants to do a flip?

Amber (22) from Wetteren (FL)
Amber is a one-of-the-guys’type. They have to do with strength, and this even goes over in her BMW, which she personally prepared for. In addition, she is a friendly, playful young lady who is not afraid to get on guys to get off. In day to day life, she has been working as a sales advisor at H&M

In (22) Institutions (VI)
In the us, is a hairdresser. They should not have to do much to get a man to have sex. With her sultry look and sexy dance moves, she can any guy do it to give. But the kick is not up against her shins, as she is articulate enough to tell it like it is.

Kunza (23) Wommelgem (FL)
Kunza does not have to do much to get everyone to go crazy to make it. The men think she’s a cute girl, and an exotic splash of colour in them in the lobby. She was a student in remedial education. In her last relationship, which is a 4.5-year period, they were no less than five times, cheated on, and that was her motivation to Temptation Island to take part in.

Source (25) from Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (FL)
Its longevity is a true femme fatale. In addition to her work as a receptionist, she is often working as a gogo dancer. With her dance moves-wind every man around her little finger. Her greatest assets are her ass is her smile and her spontaneity.