Singer Jennifer Berton’s pregnant

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Singer Jennifer Berton know in the wider public, perhaps even her participation in The Voice Of Flanders is on tv in the previous year. They have made a opinion of a man and a woman, gives you goose bumps with her rendition of “I’ve been online begun to fight” by Natalia, who is on the jury was there, and even a spontaneous duet with Roeselaarse singer and songwriter. Tuesday night shared the Bill-namely, the good news on Facebook that she is working with Junior Fransis, aka singer Junior Vannett, a baby is expected in september of 2020, with the unmistakable words, “Once upon a time. We have to put an extra bed to be ready . #firstbabywonder #september2020 We can see you are already in love! #boy or #girl mega-welcome!!!!”

We would like to wish the couple a wonderful pregnancy and a cloud of baby’s here!