Recording film to the Dealer from the start

831085fb8611a911461798e794d3fd6c - Recording film to the Dealer from the start

This week, the recording starts from the ‘Dealer’ is the first film by Jeroen Perceval, with the main characters, Ben Segers, and Veerle Baetens, but also to the young Sverre Rous, who is the fourteen-year-old Johnny is playing with. Ben Segers is playing mark Antony, a well-known actor with a great night life. Veerle Baetens plays the role of Johnny’s mother in front of her. Also, Bart is Dutch and plays with it as if I, as the leader of the gang that Johnny is about to get involved somehow. Bart is Dutch, this is his first major film roll.

“Dealer” tells the story of a fourteen-year-old drug dealer, Johnny, who is in a care home for young people with a difficult situation at home will stay. He dreams of a better life. One day, he’s a famous, successful actor, Antony, as a long-time customer. There is a special bond between them, and both of them decide to take a different path to take.

Jeroen Perceval is the director of the film, but also wrote the screenplay. His love for rap music, it will not be missed. Perceval is best known as an actor from the Bullhead,’D ‘ Ardennes, on The Day, and many, many other series and movies, but the DEALER is the first full-length feature film. Jeroen has also written the screenplay of the area, directed by Robin Pront, and produced the short film ‘August’, which is on an international level because it could rely on.