Niels Albert will play hard

3202c57f73e15840aad1d556d152187a - Niels Albert will play hard

In the fourth installment of some of the People on Wednesday, the 19th of February – get in the experts, John and Albert on the floor. The ex-cyclist, has a little gem in the deal: a fully restored Piaggio Vespa scooter. However, as the owner of his own bicycle repair shop is to negotiate to make him get into the blood. He plays the game very hard and isn’t afraid of a little trick, more or less: “I have regular negotiations with clients, and I’m sometimes hard to get to play,” says John.

Anyone who is not Friendly and knows how to decorate, it is likely to be a unique black-and-white painting by Roger Raveel, one of the most important post-war Belgian art and artists. The stone head of the king of france, Philippe le Bel, and a beautiful mahogany bar, the Italian architect and designer Ico Parisi, are up for grabs.