My Kitchen is My Restaurant, comes out of the ground

My Kitchen is My Restaurant, comes out of the ground

In 2008, Flanders flock to My Restaurant. Six years later, there was My Pop-uprestaurant!’. And, as of march 3, 2020 and picks up a VTM, each and every Tuesday and Thursday at 20.35, with a new culinary challenge: “My Kitchen is My Restaurant.

What if you have two chefs at your home to dine? It is the best game to australia. Ten passionate hobbykokduo’s all invite each other out for a three-course meal of their choice and will be judged by each other, as well as star chefs Sergio Herman and Marcelo Ballardin. The ten students are divided into two groups, and the two couples with the fewest number of points in the match must be abandoned.

Eight of the best students will then compete against each other in an epic battle. The menu will be judged by two chefs, which at this stage is assisted by a gastjury. Only four couples will make it to the next round.

Spread all over Flanders are open to the four remaining hobbykokduo’s afterwards, is a temporary restaurant in an unusual location. Ultimately, it is one of hobbykokduo is declared the winner and goes home with a cash prize of $ 50,000.

“I enjoy it really to have so much enthusiasm and culinary passion, from the top of the first row, and to be able to make. And I can assure you: His, and that I have already been pleasantly surprised,” said Sergio. And His comments: “I didn’t expect driesterrenmaaltijd, just good food for friends has been thrown at you. However, I expect the candidates to be the essentials of cooking and have mastered.”

Who are the participants?
Couple, He Devrome (35) and Charlotte Verheecke (33) of Bruges
Charlotte and He have been going on since december of 2017, together, and in less than a half year after their first meeting, they were married to the law in Belgium and was later droomfeest in the Italian Umbria region. He works in the IT department of a pharmaceutical company, and Charlotte is the benefit of a B&B out. They all share a passion for Italy, food, wine and travel with them, make it a habit to make wineries to visit and wines to take with you.
Both in Charlotte and, when He is cooking and there is a kid he is in for, but they have lots of different interests. He has previously specialized in Franco-Belgian cuisine, Charlotte, into the world, and a pastry shop. They think they are, very often, think about starting up a business, and their level of participation in My Kitchen in My Restaurant is the ideal to test.