Laura Tesoro and felt himself powerless,

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Laura Tesoro has a special relationship with the one and only ballad on her debut album, ‘Limits’ state. “Hold On” is a song about a person that you would like to see it up close to see the suffering, ” reveals Laura in the Story. “And by that I mean, in any shape or form,” said the girl. “It can be anything from depression to severe sickness. It is terrible that there is nothing you can do about it.”

Laura Tesoro is confident that this is for a lot of people have a distinct number and is not afraid to admit that they themselves are the last year a similar situation went through: “I saw the people’s suffering, and could not help it, which for me is a very difficult one to accept. I felt so helpless,” says Laura, who admits to writing a ‘Hold On’, and a therapeutic effect on her.