From heaven to hell in Expedition Robinson

90a2e496339698b252d6f5fd52f9711c - From heaven to hell in Expedition Robinson

Against his own expectations, is a Camp in the North for the second time in a loss to the eliminatieproef. Liesbet had a difficult job and it is, therefore, not surprised by her elimination. What plan has She in store for her at the Wraakeiland?

Nell turned all her votes in at the last island council. There is no doubt that for naivete no longer a place. Also, loyalty is a strange thing, that becomes less and less clear it is.
How far can starving go for it?

Camp South is a food shortage, which is somewhat hot. Some people may feel weak, and have diarrhea. Others account for the energielozen. And then there’s the post; a three-part question for both of these teams. Choices have to be made, but the consequences are unexplored. A big change is coming.

For some it is a heaven to a hell of a job, for others it is the other way round. Those who watched it already just to hard eetopdracht? And isn’t it about time that a man will be eliminated? Or do we see at the end of the episode, and the fourth woman to Wraakeiland it?

Expedition Robinson – welcome to 20u35 FOUR