Peter Van de Velde: “I choked in my coffee

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Currently, he’s on the Field at the musical ‘Daens’, a production has to make. Tuesday morning he was on NRJ and Nostalgia, as a guest, and so on for a whole day. You can hear that the actor is not complaining, even though his schedule is sometimes a little too busy, and have the opportunity to be a partner of the city are rather limited. Daens, 40-45, at Home, Pete Pirate, the theater, and the diary of Peter Van de Velde is a state of being over-crowded. However, we show that, as a luxury sub-continent.

On the “Home” is spoken, there will be the Peter Van de Velde, soon to be as much to be seen. “The intense rehearsal period, it was, however, impossible to combine it with my recording of ‘Home’. So, I’m up for more than a month on the tv set,” says Peter Van de Velde this week as well as Day to All of you. The result is: Jacques, will soon be out of ‘Home’ and disappear.