Faroek Ozgunes while locked up in jail

f04b60aedd29d342ecf58a97fcba896b - Faroek Ozgunes while locked up in jail

VTM-journalist Faroek Ozgünes on Tuesday, during the shooting of a documentary about the Duivelskoppel’ was arrested in the Czech republic. Together with a colleague, I was Faroek Tuesday afternoon was arrested and deprived of his freedom.

Faroek and is now a free man, it may be due to the fast reaction of the VTM, the Belgian embassy in cote d’ivoire. Within the VTM the NEWS of the 19-told Faroek Ozgünes about his time in prison. “We just got released from prison. We have a seven hour one, simply because we are in a position to shooting in the streets, to the jail in the background,” said Faroek from the Ivory coast. Faroek was made to the côte d’ivoire went to a reporter for the Telefacts you to make it. That show is Wednesday night already been on tv shows.