Family is Developing a new-in-The-Sky is the Limit!

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On Wednesday, we are in “The Sky’s The Limit” will meet with the family of the Martens, they are very busy with the organization of their lifestyle event.
To the family, She operates an exclusive beddenzaak from the Centrum. In 1989, father, Jopi, and mother, Kathy, is a small beddenzaak about, and that’s cost us blood, sweat, and tears. In the beginning it wasn’t all that easy, but ultimately it was in their shop have a a successful business. Beets Patteet, as the business is now well-known in foreign countries. Two of the sons of Jopi and We – Jori and-Elegant – boarded the bus after their school in the beddenbusiness. It is now up to them to make the story their parents will continue to for years to come. “Life’s a party, so there are a lot of parties,” says Jopi.

“The big day” for the Romy: it has its days counted, but, today, she finally got her Porsche to go pick up the order.‘It would be a dream come true.”

Guy is very proud of its fleet of vehicles. Rolls, the Range, the Ferrari, the Bentley, we have a choice, ” says Guy. Guy is always on the job with the Range, Ensure that you choose to nevertheless prefer to get the Ferrari, or, as she says, ” I am a Ferrarilover’.

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