Evil-year-old blame’s defeat to Chelsea at United in ‘confounding VAR

84bca1940803a567dc8d26793b33d358 - Evil-year-old blame's defeat to Chelsea at United in 'confounding VAR

Evil-year-old blame’s defeat to Chelsea at United in ‘confounding VAR

18-February-2020 08:19
18-02-20 08:19
Last updated: a minute ago
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The Chelsea manager Frank Lampard believes that the videoscheidsrechter on Monday, has also contributed to the thuisnederlaag against Manchester United. The ‘Red Devils’ won the match with the 0-2 at Stamford Bridge, and after a few more moments.

The United defender Harry Maguire escaped in the first half in the red after Michy Batshuayi in his cross and had to be kicked, and of all people, he was in the 66th minute for the 0 to 2. This saw Chelsea’s 1-1 Kurt Zouma rejected because of a push by Cesar Azpilicueta, while it appeared that United’s midfielder Fred and Azpilicueta clearly.

“The decision of the value at risk was crucial,” says Lampard, who is Anthony Martial, started from rest, the opening goal looked to make. “Maguire was a red card, but instead, he came to it later in the game he’s playing. The choice as to the way forward, and has a great deal of influence on the game.”