Director: Schlagert has topaffiche

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On Friday, the 8th of may, organises asbl (DMS) re-Director Schlagert’. Another edition will, for the benefit of the common good. This year I was even selected for 3 projects from the Director. Besides Vzw, It’s Valve, they support ‘Npo ‘Jasper’ and ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ (over 1000 km in steps the fight against cancer by Michael Vannieuwenhuyze). Tickets at € 25 will fly out the door, because it still has 60 tickets and are approaching them with the message ‘sold out’ and that too in a short 3 months prior to the event. It is, therefore, essential that the Director of an event venue will, to the extent such events could take place. CC-Rail has shown to be effective is too small for the DMS, and in his songs. The powerful poster does, of course, there are also a lot of…

The evening will start with a Dutch ambiancemaker Johan Veugelers, then Filip D Haeze, That Paul, Yves Segers, and Jettie Pallettie on the stage, to be published. Close to do them with 2 of the top acts : The Romeo and Willy Sommers.