A strong fall for the VRT radio

c207100f9d46950c5ac4795688d74bba - A strong fall for the VRT radio

The radio stations of the VRT) to have a strong fall were built with a daily reach of nearly 3 million listeners and a market share amounting to 61,6 percent of the time. This is confirmed by the results of the Center for Information Media (CIM), observed in the period from september through december of 2019. Radio 2 is to climb to a 30.5 per cent market share, Radio 1 and with 8.1 percent share of the market for a good result. Studio Brussels is holding its market share steady at 10.6 percent and was the most listened-to radio at work. Youth radio station MNM will come out on the market with a market share of about 9% after a couple of strong waves. Klara gets a market share of 1.9%, which is good for about 150,000 listeners a day.