This is the brand new single by Loredana

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On Friday, the highly anticipated brand new single by Loredana, ‘Ti Sento’. The singer, who on Thursday, her birthday, just got back from abroad, where she recovered from her surgery.

After releasing a pair of successful Speaking of singles, all of which quickly found their way into the top 10 of The Flemish Ultratop 50, to be found in the stunning and friendly red-headed female singer, the time has come to finally have an Italian release of the single market. The belgian, coming from 2 Italian parents in Belgium, and their happiness was, speaking a perfect Italian. “Matia Bazar “took” Ti Sento ” in 1986, the year of my birth. For me, it was a challenge, as the song line in my new version of a high level, so that I get the chance to show you what I have in my mars to me. I’m quite pleased with the results. Over the past week, we were in a foreign country and we have taken the time to create nice images to keep the video, because that’s going to happen quickly.”