Temptation Island By 2020: meet the leaders

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As of February 28, making this the lord, in the care of each and every week of what’s hot. Meet with the eight leaders who are all in the struggle to throw to conquer the hearts of Angela and Roshina, and Melissa.
Temptation Island (as of February 28, every Friday, in order to 20u35 FIVE

Grigor (28) from new jersey (MR)
Grigor is a fashion stylist and always looking their best with it. He is a very self-confident, and that sells like a show for the ladies, anyway. His tactic? The best friend of women, and comfort them after a bad kampvuurbeelden.

Christopher (23) from Wuustwezel, belgium (AP)
He is an eye-catching appearance, as it is also known as ‘Tarzan’, or ‘I’ as they are called, because of his physique, and long blonde hair. He then worked as a koeltechnieker. Day is looking like it’s an adventure, and it can adapt very well to the needs and desires of the women. He does yoga, salsa dancing, and hopes to be here for sure to get to score with the ladies.

He (22), from Oostende (FR)
He is a funny and cheerful guy, who as a dockworker in stockholm to work. With the poor mopjes can be every lady’s right to her convenience, felt. Are tandpastasmile and a toned body are his biggest assets.

Sam, 23, from Lommel, belgium (AP)
Sam is a self-contained car me and is very proud of the business he has built up. Sam is at the party and the atmosphere. He has to pull itself out of nothing, or no one, and was the first person to have flexible hips will turn. Entertainment is assured for the ladies to do so.