Special explosion on tv

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Two years ago, on January 15, 2018, the Market in Antwerp rocked by a heavy explosion in which three houses were blown down. From the makers of Heroes, Here followed, at that time, the Fire brigade Zone Antwerp, and it made the rescue operation is fixed on the frame. The helmcamera’s were involved in the debris-where is the camera crew does not go to sleep. Now, on Monday, the 17th of February of 2020, in order to 21u45, you will receive the spotlight as an unprecedented insight into the rescue work, after this devastating explosion.

Walter Demul, an ex-warrant officer in Fire brigade Zone Antwerp: “it was a war zone when we arrived. Everywhere there was rubble everywhere, there were people on the call, which helped.”

While there is a great danger of collapse, was tried for the team and their lives in order to help the victims break free. Seven of the wounded were able to on their own power, from the destruction to get at least nine more people were still trapped in the rubble. The firefighters had responded to a difficult search for a young mother and her 4-year-old son, who was still on the roof of the room as the floor beneath them had collapsed. And also, another victim, was located in the rubble, while above them the whole of the roof was about to collapse was.

Scaffolders, captivating stiltemoment and the dogs, everything was done to his men, to locate and fix the position to save the day. Unfortunately, the fell down also, and two deaths.