Number two, the belgian way, and Peter Claes, respond

Number two, the belgian way, and Peter Claes, respond

The belgian and the managing director of Media, Production, Peter, Claes, will take, by mutual agreement leave of each other. The Board of directors can be found in the solution developed by the CEO on an ad interim basis, Leo Hellemans. “I want to have Peter to thank for his impressive career of 17 years in the case of the VRT.” Claes was ready to take that step to get to the rest to return to him, his family, and the belgian, says the national broadcasting company. About two months ago, the entire board of directors of the VRT is the request to have Claes on the door of the board of directors was, however, not on the inside. In fact, big boss man, Paul Lembrechts, it was in the child’s best interests. And, now, therefore, Peter Claes, from the public library.

“The VRT appreciate this is a difficult step, and is grateful for the many years of commitment to Growth. I have my own way for so many years for him to work. His vision and determination have contributed greatly to the successful VRT) that we have today,” says the CEO on an ad interim basis, Leo Hellemans.

“I like this room, use the opportunity to emphasise how much I think of personal attacks and false allegations that have been made to the address, he and his family did, to his lasting regret. I am sorry the circumstances of your departure, and would like to express that Peter is to be thanked for his many years of dedication. The vision of Peter with the new developments in our industry, and his strategic knowledge of the us media landscape have been and will continue to be a valuable resource for the VRT.”

Peter Claes started at the VRT in 2002, responsible for marketing and sales. In 2013, he began his career within the belgian’s first incubator focusing on the digital development of the public broadcasting service. Sandra De Preter, appointed him as director of Media. Under Leo Hellemans, he was appointed general director of Media and Production. He was 7 years old, is part of the executive committee, and to set the daily lines from all of the tv and the naval cipher areas. The formula for success was to be able to public job and to associate a penalty with creative teams, and a strong system of trade marks.