Ketnetwrapster Sien Wynants enables real estate agents to her dream home in spain

Ketnetwrapster Sien Wynants enables real estate agents to her dream home in spain

Huizenjagers is celebrating an entire week of celebration, as the series is already in its 50th uitzendweek. During the anniversary week from Monday 17th February until Thursday 20th February and take up, therefore, three well-known Huizenjagers veterans against each other. The former Kotmadam-actor, Bert Hugo, Van Poucke, tv presenter and former Miss Belgian Beauty-Eveline Hoste and is an ex-professional footballer Cisse Severeyns going to be looking at houses all over the country, in order to determine who will be the exclusive gold feesttrofee can take home.

Van Poucke used to play the role of “Hugo” are in the kotmadam, but for now, he is best known as a former Huizenjager. His early career as an actor, it helps him to sell the houses, because he was talking to everyone else under the table. As a real estate agent is Bert, a personal approach and a friendly chat.

Also, Eveline Hoste has been on Huizenjagers. In 2001, she was Miss Belgian Beauty, and now she has her own successful immokantoor in Destelbergen. Evelyn worked hard to put up a fight to get a spot to compete in the immowereld. She has her own honest and open approach, and is not afraid to be just that little bit extra to do so.

Cisse Severeyns was one of the pioneers of the first season of Huizenjagers. Cisse had been in a previous life as a professional footballer at the top a. KV Mechelen and royal Antwerp. Together with his daughter, that he runs for some period of time, a immokantoor in Lille (france). And, just like in football, as is Cisse in the cold getting right to the point. He knows better than anyone of a sale, there is no time to work out.

Episode 1 – Monday, 17 feburuari
Pinnacle is committed to working with her son, Alexander, to move. Before the death of her husband, his family, the dream of a country house to be built. For Pinnacle, the time has come to make that dream come true. Together with her son, she is in search of an authentic Spanish Villa is close to Yellow, and the Mile for 415.000€. If it is at all possible, she would like to have a house with lots of space in order to give her son as long as she is unable to live with their parents.