Jelle Cleymans and Jonas, Yellow, new, single

95c3226ee9b8113606c3989c876366ff - Jelle Cleymans and Jonas, Yellow, new, single

Cleymans & Van Geel made it with their debut single, “the love below” is a magnificent start…Their first album had a lot of support and airplay and maths, rose to the highest echelons of the performing arts.

The successor to “Tiger “, they are musically and lyrically a step further. The call is originated from the musical minds of Jelle Cleymans & Stefaan Fernande. The men met each other previously, happen to be on the same media event, however, had an instant click. They listened together for a few of the songs from “Achtung baby”, and a large portion of the Dutch hip to that vibe, the groove and the vibe of the “Tiger” was born. During their schrijsessies they were at a particular time, with Jan Decleir, and the latter’s famous play, “The tiger”. That word has stuck, and it has to be in the title kicked in.