Ish Ait Hamou is receiving From the Acker Award by 2020

d2541f30453efbdf35133850a6160e60 - Ish Ait Hamou is receiving From the Acker Award by 2020

The Acker Foundation has decided, in its bi-annual award of the cultural and multi-talented artist and storyteller, lover, Ish Ait Hamou.

Ish acquired a reputation among the general public thanks to tv programs such as So You Think You Can Dance, go Back to your Own Land, Then on Music and Dance Around the World. But it soon became clear that he would not like to be restricted; it is not the role of a dancer or a choreographer, or to play the role of a tv maker. In the meantime, he has no less than four books, as we know, and it was then he turned to theater and film-maker. The red line: stories that connect people with people.

For many decades, wants to be the Acker Foundation for socially-engaged artists and organizations working in the spotlight on the places. “It is this commitment to forward the work to the fore, it is reflected in the activities of the artist, in addition to work development. Sometimes it can be a combination of both, and that is: Ish Ait Hamou is definitely the case,” according to president Alain Petit.

“Icc is a cultural all-rounder to call it, is basically stating the obvious. He just wants to tell his story and to choose the most appropriate media, from television programs, literature, film, and theatre, to op-eds and speeches. If the Acker Foundation, we have a lot of appreciation for the earnest positivism and his work is simply beautiful, and the faith of the man, so to speak, in the difficult up to hard set of circumstances. That’s all without the pale, and without a raised finger. Never polarized or vulgariserend, but with a disarming humility, that we are so little to be found in our society.”