Gordon says theaterinterview with Marc’s Dog

37ae9ea21858397da85ce654574be25d - Gordon says theaterinterview with Marc's Dog

Gordon says theaterinterview with Marc’s Dog

On February 17, 2020 at 22:27
17-02-20 at 22:27
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Gordon would be a Friday to be a guest at new Insights, a theatrical performance by Marc and the Dog, but that’s a five-day advance notice to cancel. The presenter would take The Dog’s interview of his life, in a series of conversations in which the theatre-maker to record it for his kids, but I can’t go on.

The Dog was at the AD said that it could be due to the fact the Gordon “no right it felt,” but his spokesman did Monday night at the paper to know that it is the ex-singer of “all of a sudden to go abroad to have”. That’s what the spokesman said, according to the newspaper, for what it is.

When a Dog is diagnosed with cancer, and that is why the dramatist, a portrait of himself or herself and for his or her children. His goal was to make a portrait of himself and his daughter, Livia (3), son of James – (1) to be able to give you. So that they may come to know him, even if he’s not as old as he hoped.