Flanders, dissects Hooverphonic-song for the Eurovision song Contest

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It was, to think about the social media life of a lot of people when they are in the song ‘Release Me’ by Hooverphonic have heard of it. Monday morning, the song was introduced on Radio 2, and CHARITY. “Nice song, but oh so saaaaaaai….” write to Patrick Claesen van 2 Fabiola is on Facebook. And that’s the trend that we see all around us on social media to read it. Most of the people like ‘Release Me’ is a nice song, typical of Hooverphonic. But Belgium is going to score at the next Eurovision song Contest, which seems to be practically impossible.

“I’m Sorry, but everyone has his opinion, and if you’re sawing a song that has no wick and is a few minutes in the same monotonous tone, read in the direction of Rotterdam’s urging, to stay on that train and then buy a retourticketje in the direction of Antwerp and Brussels”, writes someone in the comments on the Facebook page of One of. “I think that it all started, but the text is so silly. Welcome to the sticks, Hooverphonic-style ma-exact express, a blank 17, a-dozen-commercial-lyrics as it is for the ESC key is… stick to what you have… I will be in other countries should be cheering for Rotterdam,” he writes to someone else.

And, in this sense, the comments have a little more time. “You’re so special, music that really is nice …. however, it is disappointing to go to eurovision, to go.” “Even as we’ve come to expect from Hooverphonic ! Unfortunately, it is far too good for the song to be performed by a circus,” says one. It is clear that, in the event of a split, that is, the other years are no different. “I’m a big fan of Hooverphonic, but this has to be one of their lesser songs, it just gets boring, and dull texts”.