The names of the artists coming to the Festival Atmosphere?

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On Saturday the 5th of december for the 10th time, ended up in a ’t ‘Kuipke’ in Ghent for the Festival’s Atmosphere and, for this edition should be with the public to determine which of the 10 artists will have a place at the festival. Willy Sommers, Lindsay, De Romeo’s & Jan Smit, Christoff, 2 Fabiola, Vengaboys, 2 Unlimited, Snollebollekes, are examples of artists who have, over the past few years, guests had to have one of the largest and most vibrant ambiancefestivals. “Over the years, the Festival and the Atmosphere”, that is, on the first Saturday of december at the ’t ‘Kuipke’, a stalwart band, made up of the thousands of party-goers from Ghent and the surrounding area. As a courtesy and out of respect they receive in the next few weeks, with the opportunity to determine which of the 10 performers, we are on the 5th of december, to invite to our anniversary. Through this link, you can now vote from a suggestion list of all the artists who have, in the past, were also guests at our festival. You can have multiple crosses to indicate it, but it is also possible to make it in the suggestievak one or more artiestennamen to fill,” says House, or the Entertainment organiser, Kris Flowers, who is secretly hoping for a surprise: “For a number of artists to our festival, all of the option to be in time, because we know that they are popular, and there is a good chance that there are numerous to be put to the vote. As long as the audience wants it, we are going to go back to a varied musical mix, with interesting combinations, and I hope that people will take the trouble to set it in the empty box to the new names that we welcome with open arms to receive. The “strength” of the Festival, the Atmosphere is the combination of the setting, the performers, and the unique ambiancesfeer. Once a year, running on the cycling track in Ghent’s citadel park, the music will be in the stands and on the free-standing central square sang the valves and the top, and the general public for the polonaises, they are, from left to right, on your knees, or they will collectively put their hands in the air, because it is so helpful to our festival. The edition, in the prospect of the cross, we still have a couple of teeth, so the 5 of december of 2020, once again, an unforgettable evening with.
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