The leader, Ajax the early lead at hekkensluiter his side

0ac387c7612b568ca86b4fcd6a8302d2 - The leader, Ajax the early lead at hekkensluiter his side

The leader, Ajax the early lead at hekkensluiter his side

February 16, 2020 at 12:00 am
16-02-20 at 12:00 am
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Good afternoon, and welcome to this liveblog on the Premier league. My name is Anne, from the State, and I will keep you informed of the latest developments in the champion’s League match in the afternoon.

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  • Ajax amsterdam-RKC 1-0
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  • Vitesse-Heerenveen 4-2

Ajax amsterdam-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · a one-minute geleden37′ Big chance for his side in the 1-to-1. Sylla Sow the ball, with a bit of luck back to his feet, and as for André Onana, but the Ajax goalkeeper returns to the efforts of the Sow.Ajax amsterdam-manchester city · 3-minute geleden36′ a Loud round of applause at the Johan Cruijff ArenA, as Daley Blind starts off with a warmlopen. The defender will pause, however, to go raiding in the Year.Ajax amsterdam-manchester city · 5 minutes to geleden33′ Ziyech is reached, the depth Of the water with a fantastic pass, as well as to the number of six year can’t score a goal and get to the free-standing Traoré away.Sparta, the netherlands · 8 minutes ago –32′ GOAL for Groningen! 0 to 2

Zeefuik will give the ball to, and Lundqvist to slide the ball into the corner of the goal.Sparta-Lincoln · 9 minutes geleden30 Again have a chance to Asoro, but his header goes over the goal by Harush.Ajax amsterdam-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · a 9-minute geleden39 Again emerges, Traoré, after a (now off the air), man on Ziyech, but again, it is the dedication of the Ajax striker is next in the RKC goal.The race-London · 10 hours ago

FC Groningen celebrates a goal by Joel Asoro, that he is the people who work in head start off.Ajax amsterdam-manchester city · 11 minutes ago

Nicolás Tagliafico would like to congratulate Tadic, after the Serb by a penalty shootout, Ajax, at 1-0, has put in against his side. That is, after about half an hour to play, still in the spotlight.Ajax amsterdam-manchester city · 15 minutes to geleden24 Box continues to go in search of more goals, but in this case, it is Lassina Traoré is not happy with the conclusion, after a flurry of Ziyech.Ajax amsterdam-manchester city · 17 hours ago

Hakim Ziyech got the right to match the scale of that of Marc Overmars. The lefty gets the price of his 150th dual Box.Sparta-Lincoln · 17 minutes ago –23′ the GOAL was empty. From 0 to 1

Joel Asoro get the ball beautifully into the long corner to put the visitors ahead.Ajax amsterdam-manchester city · 21 minutes geleden18 Ryan Babel to make a passing move inside and shoot, then you are in the zijnet.The race-London · 22-minute geleden18′ Mohamed Rayhi is missing! Sergio Padt to dive at the correct angle and keep the ball out of the goal.Sparta-Lincoln · 23-geleden16′ Penalty for the Race after the transgression from Mike te Wierik. The arrival of Groningen will also be given a yellow card, so the game is missing.Ajax amsterdam-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · 26 minutes agoa 13′ GOAL, and Ajax. 1-0

Dusan Tadic shoots, the penalty will be wonderful in the road.Ajax amsterdam-RKC Waalwijk · the 27-minute geleden12′ Penalty to Ajax! Donny van de Beek is being taken out by Hans Mulder.Sparta-Lincoln · is a 28-minute geleden12′ Auassar, after his header in the second minute and though badly wounded. The leader of the Race came on the wrong words and should be in the field, all within a quarter of an hour left. Dirk Abel is in his place.Sparta-Lincoln · 29 minutes geleden10 Beautiful rescue from Ariel Harush in a free-kick by Ajdin Hrustic which is in the direction of the cross in the sky.Ajax amsterdam-RKC Waalwijk · the 34-minute geleden5′ First shot of the game, it is by Sergino Dest. The right back from Ajax, out of, out of the sixteen, but Etienne Vaessen doesn’t need to be.Sparta-Lincoln · 38 minutes geleden2 ” A kopkans for Adil Auassar, but his effort lacks power and fades in addition to the target.Ajax amsterdam-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · 39 minutes ago, theKick-off. The contest is between the frontrunner and the runner-up of eighteen of the Premier league has also been started.Sparta-Lincoln · 40 minutes ago, theKick-off. Rotterdam rolls out the ball for the match between Sparta and FC Groningen in the netherlands.Ajax amsterdam-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · one hour ago

His side have won just once in Amsterdam
Ajax is generally not too much trouble, with west ham in the Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, ArenA. Out of the 23 meetings held in Amsterdam and made it to the Waalwijkers only one of them has to win. Three times the match ended in a draw. The last time the two teams met in the Premier league in 2013. Then, when it was won, and it stayed 0-0.Ajax amsterdam-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · one hour ago

Hakim Ziyech is getting ready for his first move since his muscle hour ago

To make the contest even more exciting with TOTO! Do the best you can with it.

Co-sponsored by: TOTO | 18+, to play a conscious– Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands one hour ago

Vitesse to win doelpuntrijk duel
Short in a pulsating duel of the sc Heerenveen 4-2 records. The first was after sixteen minutes, at 2-0, then it was a simple afternoon, it seemed to be. The team of the Control declined, however, and it was in the first half, with two goals scored against them. In the second-half of the damages recovered and won the match with the people from arnhem is still pretty easy.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands-four hours geleden90+6′ is A decent effort from the Bazoer. His ball will miss the precision flying next to the target.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands-four hours geleden90 ” We will have a total of seven minutes of playing time.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands-four hours geleden88 ” Great opportunity for a Buitink, but his effort is very handsome, rescued by Bednarek.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands-four hours geleden85 ” is An excellent passing move from the Ejuke run doesn’t matter. His pass reached the Odgaard’s not.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands-four hours geleden81, ” The defense of the Speed is very good. Wigan’s a bit more to work through it.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands-four hours geleden76′ Bazoer will still be a quarter of an hour play-time of the System. It replaces and Tannane.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands one hour ago

Tannane is celebrating his entire penalty, which he Supports, at 4-2 down.Sparta-Lincoln · – one hour ago

The first move Redan in Groningen
Daishwan Redan has made its first move from FC Groningen to deal with. After subbing last week against Vitesse, the attacker would now have to start the match.

Arrangement Of The Race: Harush; Fortes, Mattheij, Friend’s, Faye; Harroui, Auassar, Rigo, Smith; Joosten, Rayhi

Preparation of FC Groningen: Padt; Zeefuik, Te Wierik, Van Hintum, Both; Asoro, Matusiwa, Van Kaam, Hrustic; Redan, LundqvistVitesse-De-four-hour geleden70′ scorer of the second goal for Matavz to the part taken by Edward’s Direction. Thomas Buitink, it is a substitute.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 2 hours ago there isa 66′ GOAL is Speed! 4-2

Tannane used to the discomfort.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 2-hour geleden65′ Penalty to Speed! Sign up on the Count is based on the advice of the roman see, and provides a penalty for the violation of a Moneymaking on Dicko.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 2 hours ago

Right shoot, Ensuring that once again in the lead.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 2 hours ago –56′ GOAL is Speed! 3-2

Right now, his second goal of the afternoon, the Sprint back to the lead. The attacker is not offside, as the Tannane with a pass to send and do the same with the right side of the ball, low into the goal.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 2-hour geleden54′ That makes a difference, not much!!! From a free-kick from the Tannane is the headline gave doekhi some firm kicks the ball next to the goal.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 2-hour geleden50′ Ejuke will have a great chance of 2 or 3, but he Pasveer is on its way.Ajax amsterdam-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · 2 hours ago

Ziyech is back in Ajax
Hakim Ziyech will be back at the base at Ajax, before the game against the hekkensluiter manchester united.

Setup Ajax: Onana; Dest, Álvarez, Martínez, Tagliafico, From the river, Ziyech, Eiting; Tadic, Traoré, Babylon.

Opstelling manchester united: Vaessen; Gaari, Mulder, Delcroix, Quasten; Van der Venne, Rienstra, of the Incident, Sow, Bilate, HanssonVitesse-De · 2-hour geleden46 The second half began with a switch on the side of the Past. Ricardo van Rhijn in the dressing room, and left. Lucas Woudenberg substitute.Ajax amsterdam-RKC Waalwijk (nl) · a 2-hour geledenNet as in the city of Arnhem in Amsterdam, the roof of the stadium for today’s close.

#StormDennis not welcome. ❌


AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen12:08 – February 16th, 2020Vitesse-De · 2 hours ago

Heerenveen seems to be, after a moderate period of time in the first half, is back on the right track and will get the best opportunity to be a leader. The Frisian club points to good use. No club made it to the final five rounds, as little points as sc Heerenveen, the netherlands.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 2-hour geledenHet is resting in Arnhem, the netherlands. After a swift start up of Sprint, after sixteen minutes, 2-0 was sitting in Heerenveen, meanwhile, back in the game after goals from Kongolo and Ejuke.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 2-hour geleden42′ Wigan, after the final again in all buildings, and will have the greatest chances for a third goal.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 2 hours ago

Ejuke be celebrating at the end.Vitesse-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 2 hours ago

Pasveer grabbelt to the favour of Kongolo.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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