Sonny & Laura said, ‘yes,’ in a Blind-Married

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It’s the first wedding in the new series of Blind-Married is a fact of life. The 30-year-old, Now a process engineer in Antwerp, belgium, and interior designer, Laura (27) from Turnhout, belgium, said in the city hall of the city of Turnhout is a resounding yes, and once they saw that it was over. At first glance, anyway, though.

Laura: “It’s a tiger. I was thinking, really: it’s a tiger, which is already very good. Now, it is a very large man, with dark eyes, dark hair, and a beard. I was really impressed with it.”

Now they’re back, “I was blown away. Laura was a handsome woman, she seems to be very good. She smiled right away and I was able to see a tattoo in her lace dress, which was also a hit (laughs). Everything that I have observed, I thought, yes, it is, however, very close to my heart”.

Also, Christopher (38), and Nick (age 38) and saw each other at the town-hall of Ghent, and was just getting to know. Their ” yes ” – that’s just a formality, it seems to have been, and the other two couples are, to discover fans to be in the next episode on Sunday the 23rd of February.