She and Carl: on their first Valentine’s day as a single

She and Carl: on their first Valentine's day as a single

Less than three weeks before Valentine’s day, made Stay of The Booser and Koen Wauters is well-known that they are no longer a couple, were there. Over the last fifteen years of their marriage, and together for over 17 years, their love can no longer be beaten. The news came as a bombshell, but life goes on, for Philip, Valerie, and their children, Zita and Nono.

The recent breach results in the fact that She and Carl Valentine’s day is no longer together, vieredn, that is, in the past, when things were different. The love between She and he is on and off. After 17 years of ups and downs with each other, and share, the children are the only thing that is for them to connect to. They each have their own way to the holiday of love, which is the case here.