Pre-eclampsia in the Topdokters

1e1f59a89c8c4e19c1472234234b919b - Pre-eclampsia in the Topdokters

In the fourth episode, follows the Topdokters oh.a. neonatologe dr. Inge Van Herreweghe in St. Pietersziekenhuis, which is a public buurtziekenhuis in the Marolles district in Brussels, belgium. A woman who was 26 weeks pregnant, it is unexpectedly been admitted with pre-eclampsia. If the high blood pressure can be dangerous for her and the baby, through the use of a c-section to give birth, and the baby is in the department of intensive neonatology, dr. Van Herreweghe’s landing: “we hope that We always have a good outcome. And a lot of, you are not allowed to decline. The baby will also be necessary, in order to be able to keep it up. If you are a parent, their hopes decrease, you can take a piece of the baby’s desire to stay and fight.”

Dr. Of to give himself: “I was actually a theatre school to do it, but my father would not have me as a poor actress in the cast come and get it.”

Fr. Guy-Bernard Cadière, is a world authority in surgery for obesity in the same way as dr Van Herreweghe in St. Pietersziekenhuis in Brussels, belgium. There, he treats patients with a chronic form of being overweight. Fr. Cadière was the first in the world to obesitaspatiënten, an exploratory surgery was performed: “Obesity is truly an epidemic. More and more people are suffering from this condition, and the worst part is that it would be fatal. At this time, 16% of the Belgians are obese, which means that 16% are in an emergency situation.”
Also, my son is a digestive surgeon in the same department. “I have been head of the department. It is very difficult when your son is in the same works, because he says anything at all, and he’s not in,” laughs professor Cadière. “My 90-year-old father is still very busy with the administration of my department.”