Watch : we Have prisons to eliminate?

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Three of the guests. A very challenging position on an important issue. And Jan Leyers. With the ingredients and try to Watch clarity and exits to be found in the midst of the flood of issues and opinions that we have today about the us going to get it. In the third episode of the new season, it’s about our justice system.

Philosopher Farah Focquaert, wants prisons to escape from.” Only those who are a danger to society, we should have shut up, and not in the current machines, but in smaller financial institutions that are in rehabilitation are addressed. As to the chances that you’ll be better off in a prison, it is as good as non-existent. As a criminal, and learn how to speak earlier in order to be a better criminal. What’s more, the people are not free to get it. We are at the mercy of genetics, and other factors.

Focquaert is going to be in the discussion with Hans Meurisse. He was for 12 years at the head of our prison system, and found the prisons to be necessary for the safety and security of our society. According to him, most of our prisons, it’s all that bad, but the re-integration better.