Responses after a single win of PSV at ADO Den Haag

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Responses after a single win of PSV at ADO Den Haag

15 February, 2020 18:01
15-02-20 18:01
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Good evening, and welcome to this liveblog! My name is Robbert van der Linde, and I’ll keep you up to date on all the duels in the Premier league this evening.

  • LIVE:
  • Fortuna Sittard-FC Emmen 0-0
  • Results:
  • FC Twente-AZ 2-0
  • ADO Den Haag-PSV eindhoven 0-3

ADO Den Haag-PSV eindhoven · * * * a few hours ago

After the end of the week, Willem II (3-0) win PSV eindhoven and now for the first time in september and October of 2019 consecutive Premier-league-matches.ADO Den Haag-PSV eindhoven · 3 hours ago

A weak ADO, willing to sacrifice for the PSV
PSV climb with a 0-3 victory at ADO Den Haag, slowly but surely, further and further out of the way. The Locals have nothing to fear from the Hagenaren to win, thanks to goals from Sam, Lammers, (penalty), Ryan Thomas and Cody Gakpo. The team at The Faber, and has, therefore, at least for a few hours, and the third place in the Premier league in his hands. ADO Den Haag to see the competition in the degradatiestrijd is further away and is in serious danger.ADO Den Haag-PSV · 6-minute geleden90′, The fans of ADO are obviously not satisfied with it and chant it in the original in the Hague humorous speech, in the direction of the players, the staff and the board of directors of the club.Fortuna Sittard-FC Emmen · 7 hours ago

Peace of mind! Are the teams going to the coffee in the restaurant and bar, with the same rank on the board, as they have already started. The two teams are very close to the opening goal, but Lorenzo Burnet (FC Emmen) hit the post and Mark Diemers (Fortuna Sittard) in the bar.ADO Den Haag-PSV · 13 hours ago83′ GOAL in PSV’s! 0 to 3

To combat this poverty-stricken ADO, you can even have an out-of-shape condition PSV and over to win. Learn Gakpo, get the ball to the beat of his feet and shoots hard for the inside of the ball. PSV have three points, if this has not been the case.ADO Den Haag-PSV · is a 17-minute geledenDe joy, and a discharge are a great deal for the players and fans of the pitch after the 0-2 from Ryan Thomas.


But we need to be! 😍
#ADOPSV 0 to 2


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen21:20 – February 15, 2020ADO Den Haag-PSV · 18 hours ago

Ryan Thomas celebrates his goal against ADO Den Haag, the netherlands. The New Zealander for the first time in 2015/2016 by more than one goal in a single season.ADO Den Haag-PSV · 26 minutes ago inthe 70′ GOAL in PSV’s! 0 to 2

Luuk Koopmans, should finally be made to submit. Sam, Lammers, puts the ball exactly onto the head of the incoming Ryan Thomas, then a hard binnenkopt. The little New Zealander scored for the second game in a row, in his new attacking role seems a good fit.Fortuna Sittard-FC Emmen · 31 minutes and geleden25′ Bar Fortuna Sittard! An excellent shot distance from the Diemers, deserves to be better, but Emmen will be bailed out by the crossbar. Both teams will now have the aluminum somehow.ADO Den Haag-PSV · 33 minutes ago

63′ BACKLINE has been a long half a lot stronger, and it has to do with, but one of the ADO players are really worth: Luuk Koopmans. The keeper has, to date, almost everything is an answer, and it was in the first half, and only by a silly bad luck to allow a penalty from Sam, Lammers went into it.FC Twente-AZ · in 37 minutes, geledenNormaal this season, Marco Bizot, that the clean sheets have collected, but tonight, it was his colleague, on the other hand, His Devil that is the zero-hold.

#tweaz #fctwente


AuteurFC TwenteMoment of plaatsen20:59 pm – February 15, 2020ADO Den Haag-PSV · 39 minutes ago

And Alan Pardew, here is a scenario, you should remember that the ADO degradation, as one, he must have considerable appeal to the imagination, and he has not yet put out to tender.ADO Den Haag-PSV · 42 minutes geleden54′ Lammers has been very close to his second goal, but this time Koopmans, however, are sufficient for the hand behind the deployment of the midfielder and he hit the ball close to the corner.ADO Den Haag-PSV · 42 minutes geleden53 ” The players of ADO seem to have a problem with a donderpreek Alan Pardew had, as they have been in for a couple of minutes, then rest is more threatening than in the rest of the first half on the other. Unnerstall will need to have a shot of the Malone out of the corner of a dive.Fortuna Sittard-FC Emmen · 44 minutes geleden11′ Post FC Emmen! Burnet is a very, very late, and even the construction of the Fortuna defence. The efforts of the full-bursts forth against the pole.Fortuna Sittard-FC Emmen · 44 minutes ago

Fortuna Sittard-FC Emmen, it is a duel between the two Premier league teams who, in terms of percentage, the most points out of their home obtain. FC Emmen have picked up just two points outside the home, and as a result 92 per cent of the overall total points (26) in-house certificate. Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands (24 points), with 87 percent of the time. It seems that, statistically speaking, as good as impossible for Luck to win, but it must have been the first time to Emmen, the netherlands.ADO Den Haag-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago

46′ The ball is rolling back into the Cars, the Jeans Arena. Jumps to PSV eindhoven in the second half the better of the chances, or ADO, is to fight back in the game? The Hagenaren, Aaron Meijers of us on the team have come to Crysencio Summerville, and the Locals are the same.Fortuna Sittard-FC Emmen · – one hour ago

As Luck tonight, you know how to win in Emmen, the throws of the team, Sjors Ultee, and Kevin from Behind with Dick, We have to go out of the way. As FC Twente and VVV-Venlo this weekend, have already won, the points are more important.Fortuna Sittard-FC Emmen · – one hour ago

Kick-off! There is also the latest champion’s League match tonight and started it. Fortuna Sittard and FC Emmen, go for themselves, to determine with a reassuring margin of the degradatiezone to be fixed.ADO Den Haag-PSV eindhoven-four hours ago

Peace of mind! MANU reigns at ADO Den Haag, but half of it is only with 0 to 1 of for. Sam, Lammers was the only one in the network knows how to find it, with a bit of luck and a penalty to use after the hands of the Laurens De Bock.FC Twente-AZ-one hour ago

“I don’t have an explanation for it, it had a total offday,” said a firm, balende, AZ-leader, How Koopmeiners, who is to blame for itself out. “The second goal was just my mistake, that’s fucked up. I’m just wondering if I did the hands to make, prior to the first goal, but that is no excuse. It was far too soft, but it wasn’t good enough for him. Sometimes you have a week, or for a longer period of time in which the heavy-ass one.”FC Twente-AZ-one hour ago

“You don’t know where it came from,” smiles the Twente defender He Bees a little confused at FOX Sports after the surprising victory to the right. “Basically, we have each and every week of the same talk prior to a game. Maybe today there is something extra to separate it, but when we don’t know where that is, we would have every week to play it. This should be the default.” – one hour ago

Do you know the best? Bets are from 1 euro. Put it in and win!!!

Co-sponsored by: TOTO | 18+, to play a conscious, FC Twente-AZ-one hour ago

With the win FC Twente has been surprising, but not undeserved to be called, for example, the numbers are:

FC Twente-AZ
Shots: 10-5
Attempts on target: 6-2
Corners: 7-2
Goals: 2-0FC Twente-AZ-one hour ago

AZ suffered a surprising defeat at FC Twente
At the top of the Premier league has the a-Z itself is a very poor service. The Alkmaarders going to stay at FC Twente with a 2-0 smash-and can’t even complain about it, for the Tukkers, surprising the opponent. Giorgi Aburjania to open the score with a superb free-kick, Queensy Menig place for rest, place it on the plate by losing the ball by just joe Koopmeiners very hard to punish. In the second half, and it is especially in the Twente region, and the opportunities to get the score up even further, so that Marco Bizot is a bigger defeat for the AZ, that it fails on points with Ajax, and it must be feared that the delay on the lead up to six points.FC Twente-AZ-four-hour geleden88′ End, Many in ruins, of the cramping and need to be replaced. All the vleugelspeler this season, is still not a match for a long time, the field stood. He will be replaced by a Zekhnini, it’s at this point in the race, a publiekswissel.FC Twente-AZ-four-hour geleden86, ” The time is ticking away, in favor of the netherlands. In the second half and still not a single contraction and a-Z, so that the fifth end of the season (and third in the last five matches) themselves in the process.FC Twente-AZ · 2 hours ago

80’s-The time is running out now it’s really for the AZ in the city of Enschede, which is where the final stage has been reached. The Alkmaarders to create a had impression that FC Twente have always been easy mode. The increase in a hurry in a-Z will come with the game, it’s not for the better.Fortuna Sittard-FC Emmen · a 2-hour geledenEn the last drawing of the night. Trainer, Dick, We do not make changes in its set-up compared to the last match of FC Emmen against FC Twente.

XI | of The array us. @FortunaSittard!👀


AuteurFC EmmenMoment of plaatsen19:59 pm – February 15, 2020ADO Den Haag-PSV · 2 hours ago –18′ GOAL in PSV’s! From 0 to 1

What a bad luck for ADO, and in particular a goalkeeper Luuk Koopmans. Sam, Lammers, shooting and the penalty is very moderate, but to see the ball through the hands of the ADO keeper and the inside of the pole, and take a really long time on the line watching. The PSV will be a ratio in the lead.ADO Den Haag-PSV · 2-hour geleden16′ Penalty for PSV! For the first time that a PSV in r-rated ADO will come of this, immediately, any damage to the home. Laurens De Bock gets the ball in his arms and, as a result of reviewing the beeleden explains, referee Van Boekel, the ball is on the spot.ADO Den Haag-PSV · 2 hours ago

15 In the first quarter of The Hague, the team with the most possession of the ball, and Lars Unnerstall is also a time to put to the test. PSV seems to be ADO, just to let off steam, but that’s such a clever tactic is this?FC Twente-AZ · 2-hour geleden71 ” But, Enschede, cheers, as for the 3-0, however, still seems to be dropping, but the goal is disallowed for offside. It is, however, indicative of the match that Twente have the best opportunities to continue to receive, a-Z, there is lamlendig with it.FC Twente-AZ · 2-hour geleden67′ once Again, it is a Long time close to a goal, and once again, it is Bizot to be a problem. He that is an hireling for a list of had his hat-trick of last year and to be able to top this evening, but it remains to be unsettled for the purpose.FC Twente-AZ · 2-hour geleden64′ Devil is floating beautifully through the air, and one in favour of the equally attractive flying through the air and The White to defuse. The powers seem to be a little bit of road running in the Twente region, and the Tukkers to maintain?ADO Den Haag-PSV · 2 hours ago

PSV coach Ernest Faber sends out the same eleven players on the field last week against Willem II. This is only the second time this season that the Locals in successive Premier league-scored with the same-united office.ADO Den Haag-PSV · 2-hour geleden1 In The Hague, there is the potential to use the ADO BACKLINE. The Hagenaren really points to the need for the degradatiespook of the head, while the Locals from the valley and wanting to climb it.FC Twente-AZ · 2-hour geleden57 Long been focussed on his goal, but he has not yet been awarded. If he wants to score, he will also, however, a significantly better use of their chances. The vleugelspeler appears to Bizot, but it produces an awful afzwaaier.FC Twente-AZ · 2 hours ago

Gonzalo Garcia, and Sander Boschker were two of the main actors involved in the riot at FC Twente in the last week. The head coach and his assistant to be called on the leaked audio recordings made by Wout Brama is a disturbing factor in the selection process. In the meantime, they can once again smile and laugh, because the Twente plays the a-Z off of the field.Fortuna Sittard-FC Emmen · a 2-hour geledenOm 20: 45 is in the province of Limburg in the final match of the evening begins. At Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands, appears in the Greek defender, Lazaros church Movement, for the first time at the kick-off.

For the men:
◾ Smith and Damashkan will return to the base;
◾ Basisdebuut for Movement;
◾ Frederiksen, for the first time in the clash.
#SamenNaoVeure #FOREMM


AuteurFortuna SittardMoment of plaatsen19:30 pm – February 15, 2020FC Twente-AZ · 2-hour geleden47′ is a-Z bailed out by his goalkeeper. Pleguezuelo is the headline in a corner by the floor, perfectly on target, but the Bizot taps the ball in for the final time. FC Twente will then rest happily continue from where it was in the first half, doing this was a complete surprise on the right.FC Twente-AZ · 2-hour geleden46′ Right from the kick-off, Many close to the 3-0. The winger storms down to Bizot, however, the AZ goalkeeper will get a foot up against the effort and keeps the team up for further trouble.FC Twente-AZ · 2-hour geleden46 The second half started in the Grolsch Veste. In AZ, it is Ferdy Druijff in the squad for the invisible Oussama Idrissi, FC Twente, is still the same.FC Twente-AZ · 2 hours ago

The players of FC Twente on the goals of the bank and to the party. The Tukkers would like to show that they are a separate entity and, after this tumultuous week.2 hours ago

To make the contest even more exciting with TOTO! Do the best you can with it.

Co-sponsored by: TOTO | 18+, to play a conscious, FC Twente-AZ · 2 hours ago

Marco Bizot frustrated when a plug is inserted and after it is scored by Queensy Menig. The keeper is held in this season’s fifteen-times to zero, but it must be tonight, in the first 45 minutes, the second time to fish.FC Twente-AZ · 2 hours ago

The players from AZ were stunned by the deficit against FC Twente. The Alkmaarders be easily thought about with this game?FC Twente-AZ · 2 hours ago

The last time FC Twente halfway up ahead in the Premier league was made on december 1, 2019, against Ajax amsterdam (2-1 at half). The match eventually with a 2-6 loss, thanks to a hat-trick from Noah), and at that time, the Locals played, but in the meantime, he was still contracted to Twente comes out.FC Twente-AZ · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! No, there is nothing wrong with the score board at the Grolsch Veste in the app, FC Twente leads the mid is really 2-0 against AZ. The Tukkers will come through with a stunning free-kick by Giorgi Aburjania to lead, and to see Queensy Menig in the margin to two. A-Z are allowed in the bar, and goalkeeper Marco Bizot grateful that Noa is a Long time in the atmosphere is still expanding, but the Alkmaarders have a very serious problem in the known Region.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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