New Levels: “separation-trauma is left behind”

New Levels: "separation-trauma is left behind"

In The Holy House Of Hanssen’ when, Joe provided Evi Hanssen in the morning of 15 February, The ’10 Commandments’ for the actress and New Levels are between 10: 00 and 12: 00 midday. In a candid chat at the breakfast table and told the New and that it may be very hard, as a mom of four, and that Lawrence is the woman in the relationship, and that they were to have a dramatic role to play.

New trusted Evi, that it may be very hard with four children at home. Her ex-husband, she has two tienerzonen, and there are Guga Baul two kleutertjes have been added. Especially when the little ones lose them, sometimes They are stronger in character than that of the ancients, and that it is 100 per cent of the fathers,” laughs New. “In particular, The features and the temper of his father, inherited that he wants to be the best.” When Museums ask her to or sometimes they are not scared to crash, it gives Tine to you that they are there sometimes, but think about it. “I have more need of rest than it used to be, but the rest isn’t there, and I also have a tendency to get myself in for the last time.”