Michael Lanzo out to the “Poor people”

Michael Lanzo out to the "Poor people"

Michael Lanzo, and the winner of Belgium’s Got Talent’, has been the victim of a tough race. There are people out there who claim to have been the case, the doors are shut and there is nothing to respond to Michael on his social media accounts.
Michael and his husband, John’s income has already had several years of music café ‘The Tourist’ in Meulebeke, with luck, by the way. Not only is there a steady client base, there are a lot of events in the case of the coffee shop and bring it to a lot of people on the streets. For all the talk of the world from which to work. We always have an open mind and don’t stop!! Also, there is no invasion has happened, as kwatongen claim,” writes Michael Lanzo is on Facebook. True, some people are still working on it. We are, therefore, still open, and it’s also going to be able to stop. Sorry people!!!!”, the decision for myself.”